Engagement parties serve a variety of purposes. First, they allow you to formally announce your great news to friends and family. Second, it’s a chance for the future bride and groom’s loved ones to meet.

Not sure how to prepare for the party? Here is a checklist compiled by Martha Stewart Weddings, detailing everything you need to know:

Two months before
Choose the host and date – Although tradition calls for the bride’s family to host the engagement party, times are changing and a lot of times the groom’s family will have a hand in the planning. But if either of those options are not possible, throw the party yourself! The date should be set around four months after the engagement.

Compile your guest list - While you may want to invite acquaintances to your engagement party, a good rule of thumb is for the guest list to only include people who will be attending the wedding.

One month before
Mail invitations – Try using one of our custom designed save-the-date cards or coasters, they can double as invitations! with a nice photo of the engaged couple. There is no need to make it too fancy - engagement parties are supposed to be a relaxed occasion for people to mix and mingle. However, it’s important to let guests know what type of party you will throwing so they can dress appropriately. Also, if you prefer that guests not bring gifts, say so on the invitation.



Plan menu
- Even if you are simply serving appetizers at a cocktail event, still pay close attention to the menu. Have a variety of options on hand to cater to vegetarians and those with food allergies. We have various styles of menu to fit your occasion perfectly, whether its elegant and sophisticated, or simple and fun, we’ve got your menu covered.


Choose decorations – Whether you are having a formal occasion or a few people over for drinks, you should add a personalized touch. Customized napkins and coasters can showcase the theme of the party in a playful way.


Week of party
Go shopping – If the party is taking place at your house, buy the food a week before to give yourself wiggle room in case one store is out of a particular item.


Setup – Arrange the decorations and food at least an hour before guests are set to arrive. If you feel like you need some help, don’t be afraid to ask your close friends to show up early to lend a hand!

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For some reason, we’ve been seeing more and more antlers being used on our products! From cocktail napkins, to coasters, to matches, antlers are a great addition to any rustic themed wedding or event. We’re always searching for more art to increase our graphics library, so when antlers began to pop up more and more, we decided to add a few antler-themed designs to our site! Take a look at these great custom designs from our customers and read on for inspiration on how to create your very own antler-inspired design with our graphics!

Some of the ‘antler art’ we’ve seen is very detailed and ornamented, similar to this Cranberry cocktail napkin below.

photo 1

While other art is simplistic and minimalistic, like these Slate cocktail napkins.

photo 5

One detail that is universal throughout all the ‘antler art’ we see is the use of initials. Most couples opt to include their monogram and use antlers to frame it.

photo 3

We even see antlers being used on our smaller products, like our round stir sticks.

photo 4

Or our barrel matches. This customer took the rustic theme to the next level by pairing antlers with our White Wood paper. Here you can see one of the antler designs we have added to our library. You can even personalize your own antler-themed barrel matches here.

photo 2

Our antler art is a perfect detail for weddings, especially with fall coming up on us so quickly! Try using our Eggplant Linen Like napkin with Shiny Gold foil for a perfect fall palette.


Along with our simple antler frame, we also added two more ‘antler inspired’ designs, which you can find below!



This week we’re sharing a classic 1920′s, Gatsby themed Anniversary party, beautifully designed by our very own design team using a rich black accented with metallic golds and shiny silvers to fill the entire suite with life and personality.


Start off with a bang with our beautiful Luxe Crystal White Luncheon Napkins and Shiny Gold foil. Our ‘Parisian’ font is a perfect choice for the Gatsby theme and the diamond accents add a nice touch of glam to a simple design.


To spice up your cocktail hour, try using our White Round Coasters with Matte Black. By using a design that is very geometric, we take stereotypical elements of the 20′s theme and add a bit of our own modern flair.


Our Stardream Galvanized Silver paper with Shiny Silver foil is a beautifully subtle combination that adds a touch of glam to any event, especially when used on our Riviera Matches. Keeping with the geometric theme, we are taking elements from other products in the suite and using them in new ways.


For placecards, we fittingly went with our Regal Placecard in Natural White. Using a similar design as our coasters and Shiny Silver foil, we are helping to create a motif throughout our suite without being redundant or boring.

NYSS_50th_napkin ring_2014blog

A product we don’t see much of is our Napkin Rings (here you see our Natural White with Shiny Gold), but they can actually add a lovely accent to any table setting. We wanted to switch up the typefaces to give the suite a little more life, but still keep on theme. So using our Empire typeface, which contains elongated, straight letters, helped us do just that. Of course to create a cohesive look throughout the entire suite, we continue to use our line and diamond accents.


We can’t forget one of the most necessary items to any event: cocktail napkins! Here, were using our Luxe Galvanized Silver Cocktail Napkins with Matte Black foil. By combining our accents and all of our typefaces, we’re creating a conversation throughout our entire suite of products, which is what you should always strive for. You want all of your products to interact well with one another.


The most glam element of this suite must be our Classic Layered Menu. We are using our Metallic Gold Gloss underneath our Natural Black with Shiny Gold foil. Again, keeping with our original theme, we are using our ‘Parisian’ font and small diamonds to accent between each menu section.


Don’t forget about small details to add accents to each part of the event. Our Oval Stir Sticks are the perfect detail to make each cocktail something special.


Finally, our Round Gift Tags, in our Metallic Gold Matte Paper and Matte Black foil, are the perfect end to our Gatsby themed night.

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Tea party setting.

When you were a young girl, tea parties of yesteryear were only attended by stuffed animals, and juice was had in place of tea. Now that you’re all grown up, you can have the high tea party of your dreams with the help of these tips:

Set the mood early with some lovely, dainty invitations. If you desire, instruct guests to dress in their high tea best, complete with hats, dresses and gloves.

Now it’s time to choose your brand of tea to offer your friends. You may even be able to find some types that have boxed assortments to make your life a tad easier. Have milk, sugar and artificial sweetener available so guests can flavor the beverage to their liking.

The variety of herbal, black and green teas runs the gamut. But here are a few starters you should be sure to have on hand:

  • English breakfast
  • Earl grey
  • Chamomile
  • Green
  • Peppermint

Make a few cold beverages to offer guests as well. The possibilities are endless and you could choose anything from sweet tea to hot chocolate to lemonade. If you want your teas to be extra special, you could try purchasing a blend with lavender and rose petals, as pictured below by PhotoKitchen Food Photography.


Tea parties are a great time to try out any sweet pastry items that have been on your radar. This  is your opportunity to serve a diverse spread of berry scones, shortbread cookies, macaroons, or cupcakes. Create a lovely spread with items all in the same color family, as seen below from Bakingdom.com.


Tea sandwiches - To make this snack, simply cut the crusts off your white or wheat bread. You could even use some cookie cutters to create beautifully shaped sandwiches, as seen below from Celebrations at Home.


Spread on tasty fillings like feta, cream cheese and almond butter. Make a wide assortment including cucumber, tomato, ham and banana sandwiches. Try these cucumber bases sandwiches by Helen Polaski of Life123.


The entire mood of the party will be set by the decor, so this is the time to use your gorgeous matching tea setting. Buy customized napkins, favor boxes and coasters to match the decor as well. It’s also nice to have a tiered stand set out to hold scones and cookies.You should also consider having a vase of flowers sitting on the table to brighten up the space, similarly to this tea setting from Camille Styles.


Buffet style – If you would like your party to feel more buffet-inspired, take a circular or rectangular table and place a solid or paisley cloth on top. Set your range of foods and sweets in a nice display. The buffet style will encourage guests to help themselves. Take some inspiration from this food arrangement from Bella Cupcakes.


Formal - For a more formal setting, you can have guests sit at the table and have treats placed throughout. Take turns passing the tea pot and helping friends place one or two lumps of sugar in their cups. Marketplace Weddings does a wonderful job creating a formal tea party tablescape, complete with teacups, sweet treats, and floral arrangements.


While you could just converse and enjoy the company of friends, give your event an extra dose of fun my playing some games. Scrabble is simple yet competitive and almost everyone have played before and enjoy themselves. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you could even incorporate scrabble into your table decor, using wooden letters as name tags, as seen below, from Cut Magazine.


Our customizable napkins, coasters and party bags set the mood for any of your themed events, so check them out for your next party.

This past Saturday, soon-to-be bride, Lauren Conrad, threw a flower-themed bridal shower that you must see! She fittingly wore a lovely white lace dress and white headband, which paired beautifully with her pastel pink lipstick.


Source: Racked & Instagram

We are so in love with this tissue paper floral backdrop, it adds so much life and color to the day! Well thanks to Instagram, we can live vicariously through photographs of the joyous event. Each guest was told to bring a recipe card and were told to use the hashtag #TellMeYouLoveMe throughout the duration of the shower.

lcshower6Source: Instagram


Our favorite detail of the event is of course her personalized cocktail napkins. Her color combination is a perfect match to our Shiny Rose Gold foil on our Slate cocktail: a beautiful combination for a floral, feminine, and romantic bridal shower. You can recreate and personalize this napkin to your liking on our website by clicking here!

Designing a complimentary napkin with opposite colors is a great way to add extra details to your special day. Lauren’s #TellMeYouLoveMe napkin seems to be a great match for our Ballet Pink cocktail and Matte Slate foil. Click here to create your own hashtag napkin inspired by Lauren Conrad’s bridal shower!


In this weeks edition of ForYourParty’s ‘Real Parties’ series, we wanted to share with you a lovely set of inspirational products, custom designed by our designers for a beautiful ‘Love is in the Air’ themed wedding. For this suite of products, we chose a soft palette of purples and ivory with pops of deep plum and amethyst hues.

To start off this beautiful suite, we have designed a set of luncheon napkins, in our Amethyst and Plum with Shiny Gold foil, with a hot air balloon motif with an adorable, accompanying phrase ‘Up Up and Away!’


As a soft compliment to the deep luncheon napkins, we have chosen our Lavender cocktail napkin with Satin Plum foil. Instead of motif, we have placed the couples’ names and the location simply on the napkin. If you aren’t using any graphics, get creative with our text. For example, try using periods or lines to accent your text in a interesting ways.


If you’re looking for something to make each plate setting pop, consider designing your own custom placecards. Here you’ll see our Classic Placecards in Natural Sand with Satin Plum foil.

Using our Square White Coasters with Satin Plum foil, we have created a design that implements the entire theme of the event. By combing two varying typefaces and a ribbon motif, we have turned the simple phrase into something truly memorable.


Vary your designs among products to give your suite some life. Here we are using our Plum Guest Towels and using the same typefaces and motifs as before, but by changing up the text, we give the suite a little something extra.

Again, by using the same composition on our Classic Matches as we did on our coasters, but switching up the text, we avoid too much repetition, which can lead to a dull suite of products. We’re using our Natural Sand paper in order to correspond with our placecards, but using Shiny Rose Gold foil to enhance the entire suite.

Last week, we shared with you a wonderful Candyland Themed Bat Mitzvah. Now we’d like to give you some inspiration for a Bar Mitzvah, in the form of a Rock Star Bar Mitzvah! Using our straw tags, coasters, and special themed place cards, we were able to create a successful suite of products that sticks with the Rock Star theme.

We chose a range of blue hues with silver accents: the perfect Rock Star Palette. Starting with our Turquoise Cocktail Napkin and a Shiny Royal Blue foil, we set the tone of the entire night with a fun mix of typefaces and a guitar motif.


Give your guests a taste of the Rock Star theme with our special Laser-Cut Guitar Placecard. Try it in our Poptone Teal/Peacock with Satin Silver foil.

To keep everything consistent, consider using the same design on multiple products, like we are doing with our White Round Coasters and Cocktail Napkins.


Why not dress up your menu with graphics and fun typefaces to give your guests something exciting to look at as well as to inform them of their meal options. Here, we are using our Classic Layered Menu with Metallic Silver Matte underneath our Natural Slate with a Shiny Silver foil imprint.


Incorporate your color palette in exciting ways using our Gray Striped Straws and Pennant Straw Tags.


Don’t forget to thank your guests! Our Any Color Notecards + Envelopes work great as thank you cards.

Consider our Round Gift Tags for a small, but fun, accent to your party favors. Vary your graphics throughout your designs to keep your theme interesting and not repetitive. Here we are using our Metallic Silver Matte paper and Satin Teal/Peacock foil.

Books are filled with romanticism and allow your imagination to run wild. For many people, reading allows them to escape from the present and transport themselves to faraway lands and adventures. Books are also filled with couples and love stories that have inspired you throughout your life – so it’s no wonder that you want to create a literary theme for your big day!

Literature is just as multifaceted as you and your groom, so there are endless directions that you could go with the theme to tailor it specifically to the two of you as a couple. You may choose to select a specific book or series that the two of you both love. Or you may want to take a broader approach by selecting a specific genre, such as love stories from classic literature.

Surround yourself with literature
When selecting your venue, consider looking into historic or old university libraries in your city. While nontraditional locations have become increasingly more popular, many people overlook libraries as an option. They can make beautiful backdrops for your wedding. You can choose something grand, such as the George Peabody Library in Baltimore, or something a little cozier such as an indie bookstore with vintage charm or a quirky personality. Below is a lovely example of an intimate library wedding ceremony, featured on Style Me Pretty.


Set the tone with your save the dates
Your save the date is the first taste of the wedding’s theme that your guests will receive. You could include language and quotes from your favorite books to frame the announcement. Use a typeface that alludes to manuscripts by using embellished dropped capital letters. If you’re feeling really creative, you can even make your save the dates look like the slips inside of library books!

Decorate on theme
One thing you will definitely want to consider is to decorate with your theme in mind. This could be as easy as incorporating books into your centerpieces, as seen on Style Me Pretty.

Or you could take it a step further and use book pages, like this couple did, featured on The Style Co.


Give the gift of good stories
Everyone wants to give their guests a good party favor. Fortunately, a literary wedding is the perfect excuse to give party favors that are anything but cheesy. You can either buy your favorite classic titles online from bulk retailers that give discounts on large orders, or you can make an adventure out of shopping thrift stores, vintage shops and second-hand booksellers. If you have a large wedding, though, bulk ordering may be easiest. Use our customizable bookmarks to add a personal touch to your book favors.

Or you could try using a custom satin ribbon to tie a tag on the books with your favorite quote from the book, the date of your wedding and your new monogram. Take some inspiration from these favors from The Knot and Wedding Pride.



Recently, we’ve been noticing that the trend of framing or bordering text is catching on…very quickly! Our customers have provided us with so many different styles for inspiration: from thin, dainty, with floral (like you see above) to thick and elegant (as seen below).

Some of the frames we’ve seen from our customers are very elaborate with many small details, like you’ll see below.


Offering just circular frames is boring and we want to steer clear of boring, so try incorporating a more horizontal border to your text. And if you still can’t shake the need for something circular, try placing it on one of our circular products, like our round coasters.

As for the text that you should include in your frame—we recommend (and many customers opt for) your initials or monogram, and a date.


Here at ForYourParty, we are always looking for additions to our extensive graphics library, so we’ve jumped on the bandwagon and added numerous frames and borders for our customers to use as they please. We’ve created some beautiful custom designs for our customers to use as is or take inspiration from.

We’ve created these frames so they are available to use on a variety of our products, from napkins, to can coolers, to matches, and more.

To show our customers all of the possibilities of these frames, we’ve created mini suites of products all featuring our custom frames and borders, which can mostly be found in our Monogram Shop.


We sought to create a wide variety of frames in order to fit anyone and everyone’s taste. Some are full of florals, while others are very simple and line-based. We have even created some more geometric inspired frames, like the one seen below.
4hv3ohuuocnpirvdjq960fn8h6-2 copy

4hv3ohuuocnpirvdjq960fn8h6 copy 4hv3ohuuocnpirvdjq960fn8h6-1 copy

Be sure to take a look at all of our beautiful frames to spice up your personalized products! Click here to begin browsing any of our products.


It’s the time of year for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs! We at ForYourParty wanted to share a suite of products featuring a Candyland themed Bat Mitzvah, complete with napkins, stir sticks, gifts tags, goodie bags, table numbers and more. We’ve chosen a yummy color palette of teals, greens, and hot pinks to fit the ‘Candyland’ theme.


Here, we used our Tiffany Blue Luncheon napkin with Satin Fuchsia foil. We furthered the theme of ‘Candyland’ by adding a lollipop motif.


Creating a complimentary cocktail napkin was easy with the use of our Fuchsia napkins and Satin Teal/Peacock foil. Using varying typefaces and motifs allows each product to stand out while still fitting the entire theme of the event.

Give each table some extra pop by adding a Tall Shadow Cut Table Number with colors that fit the theme, in this case, Stardream Fuchsia on Poptone Tiffany Blue.


Use our wave straw tags to add a little fun to your beverages. Here, we’re using our Stardream Fuchsia with Shiny Turquoise foil. Try to stay consistent with your typefaces to create a cohesive look.

Our round stir sticks are also a great way to fix up a boring beverage! Here we’re using our satin Teal/Peacock foil. Print the same art on both sides, or vary each side, like we’ve done.

Add some life to your menu with our Fold Over Menus. Try to be creative with your typefaces and graphics! For our menu, we used Stardream Fuchsia and Poptone Tiffany Blue with Matte Teal/Peacock foil.

Incorporate your theme throughout the entire event, and that includes the bathrooms! Use our guest towels to add a touch of the theme in the washrooms. Here, we used our Key Lime Guest Towel with Shiny Leaf.

Make each of your guests feel special with a personalized placecard. Using our Cupcake-Shaped Trend Placecard in Stardream Tiffany Blue and Shiny Fuchsia foil, we create a lasting impression for each guest.


Be sure to offer a treat for your guests to take home, and use any of our gift tags (consider our Luggage Tag) to give each of them a touch of personality.


Our Any Color Notecards + Envelopes make perfect thank you cards. Here we are using our Stardream Lime with Satin Teal/Peacock foil.


Use our Candyland Themed Bat Mitzvah as inspiration for your own party! Create your own theme and carry it throughout your entire event with the help of our tips!