custom plastic cups


Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week already? While us adults will certainly have a bottle or two of our favorite red out to accompany those treasured family moments, the kids’ table could use a festive drink as well. This fall infused water is super tasty and sure to encourage a little extra hydration perfect for the all the extra grandma’s-famous-stuffing carbs. Serve in custom cups for a treat everyone will love!

Apple Infused Water

apples, thickly sliced
2 plums, thickly sliced
pears, thickly sliced
4 cinnamon sticks

Combine all ingredients in a pitcher or drink dispenser with ice water. Stir well and let sit in the refrigerator for at least an hour before serving to allow for the flavors to infuse. Add more water as needed. Happy Thanksgiving!

- FYP Mixologists

There are so many great ways to make your bar unique—be it for your wedding, a birthday party or even a fun dinner party. You can create a beautiful menu with delicious bites and interesting signature drinks, you can include a specialty garnish made just for that day or you could design personalized cocktail napkins, coasters or stir sticks.

Personalized stir sticks are an easy way to incorporate your theme into the detail of each drink. But they’re good for more than that too! We pulled together a few fun suggestions on ways you can use a drink stirrer that are not actually to stir your drink:


1. As a personalized kebob stick. Step up your passed appetizers by stacking small bites on each stick for a functional and memorable serving option.


personalized kebob sticks for appetizers


2. As a donut garnish. You can also substitue little brownie bites here! Just think, any sweet treat that would pair well with the coffee, tea or hot chocolate being served in your personalized to-go cup.


personalized drink stirrers with donuts


3. For indoor s’mores. While we wouldn’t suggest holding a wooden stir stick over a bonfire, stir sticks will work great for roasting marshmallows at your indoor s’more bar!


personalized kebob sticks for a s'mores bar

holiday sangria with a custom coaster


It’s give-thanks-awareness month! What are you thankful for? We’re grateful for our families, jobs, hobbies, homes…oh, and a good glass of wine. Here’s a delicious sangria that is sure to be enjoyed and is easy to throw together for any holiday crowd.

Cranberry Apple Cider Sangria
Serves 8

1  bottle red wine
1/2 cup Triple Sec
3 cups soft apple cider
1 cup unsweetened cranberry juice
or 1/2 cup simple syrup
1 cup fresh or frozen cranberries
Sparkling water
1 cup cubed red and/or green apple, unpeeled
Cinnamon sticks for garnish

Combine the red wine, apple cider, cranberry juice, orange liqueur and simple syrup in a large pitcher or punch bowl. Add your cranberries and apple pieces. Stir well. Serve over ice, filling each glass about 3/4 full and then topping off with sparkling water. Be sure a tasty handful of fruit is included in each glass! Garnish with a cinnamon stick and festive personalized coaster. 


- FYP Mixologists

Last year, marble began to resurface as a hip accent in both home design and fashion. Now, from clothing, shoes and jewelry, to phone cases, statement countertops and suitcases (yes, suitcases), the marble trend is still going strong. And for good reason! With a stunningly natural aesthetic and always unique swirling design, the look definitely has widespread appeal.

We’ve put together 5 ways you can use marble in your wedding and party decorations, including our new Marble Cocktail Napkins.

1. Barware

It’s time for you to introduce our beautiful personalized Marble Cocktail Napkins to your party planning repertoire! Currently available in three shades, these trendy bar accessories were first created in their true art form by For Your Party designers. After they marbled their hearts out, a design was chosen and then digitally transferred to napkins, exclusive to For Your Party. You can’t find a custom napkin much more unique than that. Simply add your fun party quote, new last name or signature cocktail recipe in a fabulous foil stamp of your choice. Then, add to your wedding or event bar and wow with every drink!

For Your Party Photography


2. Place settings

How gorgeous are these plate chargers!? They definitely add a depth to each setting. You can add a marble flair to place settings with chargers, place cards, napkins, coasters and so much more! Get creative. You’ll enjoy the adventure and guests will appreciate the touch.

Gathered Table Supply Co.

3. Ceremony Accents

This marble aisle runner is beyond belief. The bride actually had the pattern transferred to an oversized canvas to create the look! You can work marble into your event space with a runner such as this, a vows backdrop or even with marbled candle holders.


Photography by Three Pennies, courtesy of The Perfect Palette

4. Signage

One thing that makes marble so versatile is that the patterns can often be soft and neutral. This makes for the perfect, classy background for signage used at your event—such as a wedding welcome sign, your menu and even the seating chart. Adding this detail will be a lovely touch to enhancing your theme.

Photography by Lost In Love Photography, courtesy of Modern Wedding

5. Food

Desserts have truly become a work of art. Chat with your local bakery to create something spectacular like this marble wedding cake. The icing on sugar cookies and cupcakes also turns out fabulous with a marbled design.

Photography by Lemonade Pictures courtesy of B.LOVED

friendsgiving coaster


Welcome, November! This month can often seem like just a quick intake of breath between Halloween and Christmas. But let’s not forget Thanksgiving—it’s the perfect moment to pause in the midst of a busy season to remember all of the blessings and gifts in our lives. Which includes our friends and family, of course. Now, treasured family traditions are a big part of the holiday season, but we are loving the rise of ‘Friendsgiving.’ Anyone have Friendsgiving plans this year?

Whether you are sticking with friends on this year’s Turkey Day or adding in another celebration, we have a few tips for hosting a fabulous Friendsgiving meal.


1. Set the table! Have each friend bring a dish, but step up the potluck status with a beautiful tablescape. Maybe even have a fun custom place card and treat waiting at each setting.


Thanksgiving table setting with created place card on a taffy apple

2. Put the phones away. Go technology free for dinner, and instead make a point of having everyone share something they are thankful for. You can even create custom coasters with space specifically for writing a ‘grateful list.’ Keep them all together to pull out at future Thanksgivings and reminisce, or have them around at friend parties throughout the year as a nice reminder!


 3. Be goofy! Play charades, recount funny stories, think of all the Thanksgiving puns (which can easily be featured on personalized napkins for some quick entertainment). This where the memories are made. Remember that one time when Joey ended up with the turkey on his head…



custom coasters for halloween with pumpkin kahlua martini


Happy Halloween! Anyone have fun traditions for this holiday? We’re wondering how many characters from Stranger Things we’ll see walking the streets tonight. Here’s a tasty fall drink we’ve added a ghoulish touch to in honor of October 31st—s/o to all the chocolate eyeballs out there. And note the Halloween pun on the custom coasters, “More BOOS please!” So fun.


Pumpkins & Cream
serves 2


4 oz Kahlúa Pumpkin Spice
4 oz Butterscotch Schnapps
2 tablespoons heavy cream
Orange food coloring
Chocolate garnish (if you so desire)


1. First, prep your martini glasses. Have a plate with sugar spread in a thin layer and a separate plate or bowl with a small amount of water ready. Add a couple drops of orange food coloring to the water. Slightly dip the rim of your glass into the orange water and then into the sugar. Set glasses aside.
2. Next, combine all other liquid ingredients over ice in a cocktail shaker.
3. Shake vigorously, then pour into your sugar rimmed martini glasses.
4. Top with a chocolate garnish—ours is a chocolate spoon and eyeball—and serve!


FYP Mixologists



When my sister-in-law had her first baby, we threw a gigantic shower—catered food, centerpieces, and a lot of guests. After all, the baby was the future, first grandchild of our big family. With her second bundle of joy on the way, Ayesha pleaded with me to do something smaller, if anything at all. I kept it intimate and special, but of course had to bust out my crafting and personalizing skills for some things. My fellow co-hosts and I wanted to do something very chill and relaxing. I also knew I wanted to have the party outdoors while this Chicago weather was still lovely! I decided the best way to pamper mama-to-be would be with a low-key spa in the garden.



We threw down a bunch of comfy throws, rugs, and pillows to create a cozy, boho-chic setting. Ayesha walked outside and was really surprised to see this oasis we all got to bask in. I had a group of tight-knit girlfriends over and we all chilled out under the sun with face masks, kicked back and relaxed while celebrating our dear friend’s new journey.



Decor included a lot of neutral, relaxing colors—white, blues, beige and light greens. For that “calming spa” feeling I had floating flowers in water, candles and a lot of wooden accents like crates for food display, and bamboo plates and silverware. For a subtle pop of color I added For Your Party personalized cocktail napkins in mint green with shiny green tea foil. I wanted to keep the colors pretty neutral and soothing but the shiny foil helped add a little sparkle. They were the perfect size and accompaniment to our infused water bar! Watermelon mint, cucumber basil and lemon-lime were flavors that guests could choose from. We also had lavender infused hot towels conveniently waiting in a crock pot for our guests to take upon arrival so they could start relaxing as soon as they walked in!



The partially cloudy weather with a light breeze was so lovely, we spent all of our time lounging and talking. Ayesha is not a fan of baby shower games, so a sweet activity I had instead was for friends and family to leave secret little notes/best wishes for her to read later. I wanted these to be a lasting keepsake, so I had shiny green tea foil stamped onto natural kraft recipe cards with space below for friends to write on. These 4X6 cards fit perfectly into a little box I wrote baby’s name on. This creative way to use the recipe cards was a big hit, and mama-to-be loved that she was able to take it home.



We stuffed ourselves with pasta, quiche and tapenade, and made our own lotions by adding chosen scents and glitter. The girls got to take the lotions home in little pouches we put together with french soaps to accompany them. The pouches were tied together and personalized with Shiny gold foil stamped petal tags saying “Thanks for being spa-ctacular! It was a great keepsake for everyone to take home that they will actually use later!



I knew the day was a success when friends lingered into the late afternoon, and no one wanted to leave. The personalized, FYP items were a great way to enhance the decor and make a more casual get-together a little more memorable! The minute after we cleaned up outside, it started to rain. Ayesha and I took this as a lucky sign, and she said she had not felt this relaxed since she got pregnant—goal accomplished! We cannot wait to meet baby boy Syed #2!


xo, Hira
FYP Graphic Designer

halloween drink that's green witches brew with sprite and jello


Clearly, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make green, foamy drinks! Isn’t Halloween just the best? If you’re throwing a party or attending BYOB style, this With’s Position is a must. Just throw together some jello and sprite and impress your friends with this creepy magical potion you mix up.

You can add some themed cocktail napkins or coasters to your party for a festive bang. But if you’re really feeling like throwing back to some college jello shots, personalize our plastic shot glasses for a party favor everyone is sure to love!


 – 6 oz lime jello
 – 1.5 cup pineapple juice chilled
 – 1 cup vodka chilled
 – 16 oz lemon-lime soda chilled

First, completely make your lime jello per package instructions. Be sure you leave enough time to let it set completely! Then, use a fork to break the jello apart into small pieces (small enough to fit through a straw). Add your crushed jello to a large pitcher. Something clear is recommended!

Add pineapple juice and vodka to the pitcher and stir well.

When you’re about ready to serve, add Sprite until the pitcher is full. Try and pour it from a little higher distance than you normally would so that you get all the foamy goodness. Serve immediately! Pro tip—have some Sprite set aside for people to top off their drinks after pouring so that they get some fresh foam.

Have an adventurous friend in your corner who is preparing for her wedding day? Throw a camping themed bridal shower to reflect her style and prepare for all those newlywed forest explorations.

We recently threw an office shower for one of our dear graphic designers, Rachael. We’re all about the theme and party details here at FYP. Once we saw that she and her future hubby were registered for a camping tent, we knew exactly how we wanted to decorate. The perfect theme for a camping centered bridal shower—S’more Love.

Bridal Shower Dessert

how to throw a camping themed bridal shower with personalized napkins


Who says dessert always goes last—ours is definitely an office of sweet tooths! We had a variety of options, from the traditional cake to something a little more camping-creative. One of the girls decorated the cake with an incredibly adorable little campfire using licorice, pirouette cookies and chocolate rocks. Seriously impressive. The token red velvet cupcakes also made a delicious appearance.

Of course, the selection would not have been complete without personalized napkins! We chose our new Sangria Watercolor Cocktail Napkin and paired a loopy script saying “S’more Love” with our totally adorable and recently added Wood Heart graphic. Complementing the cocktail napkins were custom Luncheon Napkins in Tangerine with a Shiny Merlot foil, personalized with the bride-to-be’s name and a little Forest graphic.

The star of the dessert table was definitely the Walking S’mores. Inspired by our camping theme but unable to build an actual campfire in the office (obviously) we created little s’more baggies. How does one make Walking S’mores, you ask? It’s simple! Check it out:


personalized bridal shower napkins with make s'more indoors


Walking S’mores

– Snack-sized bags of graham crackers and/or cookies
– Marshmallows
– Cooking blowtorch or sterno burner
– Baker’s Chocolate (optional)

– To quickly prep, you need to melt the baker’s chocolate to drizzle on later. 
– Now, start with your opened bag of graham crackers or cookies. If you have cookies that include chocolate, you can skip adding the baker’s chocolate at the end! Or, you can be us and do both.
– Next, spear your marshmallow on a personalized Stir Stick for a little themed accessory action. CAREFULLY blow torch your marshmallow with the cooking torch or hold it over the sterno burner. Much like around the campfire on a starry night, think golden brown or black and toasted. Whatever makes your mouth water, roast your marshmallow until then.
– Once finished roasting, slide that gooey goodness into your bag of graham crackers.
– Drizzle your melted chocolate over the marshmallow and graham crackers.
– Find a fork and enjoy!

Bridal Shower Food

We thought the Walking S’mores were such fun that we had to keep it going—for lunch we had none other than Walking Tacos! Plus, another girl in the office had recently gone camping in Washington State and she had that for a meal. So, we felt pretty authentic. Basically, the same process that we used for the s’mores is followed when making Walking Tacos. Use snack sized bags of Fritos (or Doritos, if you’re feeling crazy), make your taco ingredients, throw them on top and feast!


personalized napkins with walking tacos


Bridal Shower Decor

Decorations for a bridal shower are always a must. Making the little details personalized to the bride you’re celebrating is a huge plus that will make her feel extra special. Which is basically the whole point of the day, so go for it!

Led by fall and our camping theme, we used plaid tablecloths with burlap and leather runners for a natural feel. Metal trays and big wooden slabs hosted the food and added to our nature vibe. Adorning the tables were also a dark blend of flowers with white roses for a feminine pop. We used purple glass jars for cute vases—a pretty alternative to the now classic mason jar. Topping it all off was a festive banner made by one of our designers that read, “S’more Love!”

Congrats, Rachael! We’re so excited for you and Jon to continue filling each other’s lives with s’more love ❣️


make s'more inside and use custom napkins for camping themed bridal showers


Happy Friday the 13th! How superstitiously exciting is it that this spooky day falls in the month of October?? We’re definitely gearing up for Halloween here at ForYourParty. If you’re planning a Halloween bash this year, try adding a themed drink or two! We’ll get your menu started with this delicious Bloody Zombie Rum.

Be sure to order your personalized party accessories today so that they arrive in time for your Halloween festivities! After all, you can’t do the Monster Mash without a cocktail napkin to hold your glass. And since costumes are the theme, why not dress up drinks with a fabulous custom stir stick to really make the bar spooktacular.


Bloody Zombie Rum 
yields 6



1 cup rum
4 chilled natural blackberry sodas, 12 oz ea
1 cup chilled blood orange juice
¼ cup fresh lime juice
1 cup fresh blackberries
1 blood orange thinly sliced
Fresh mint for garnish


Fill a large pitcher with ice and combine your rum, soda and juices. Stir gently. Get out your glasses and fill about halfway with ice. Add your Zombie Rum and top off each glass with blackberries and an orange slice. Dress up in your best costume, cheers and enjoy!