Hi! My name is Hira, and I’ve been at FYP for a little over a year. I went to Marquette University and majored in English Writing and Psychology. After which I worked for a small, grassroots NGO for four years focusing on adult education in underprivileged communities on the north side of Chicago. I found out about FYP after attending Chicago Portfolio School for Graphic Design. I switched careers paths in my twenties to follow a desire to be more creative in my daily life. My grandfather was a voracious reader, and my mother was a fine artist, so branding and figuring out what people are about and creating beautiful things for them is really an intersection born from these two influential figures in my life.

My history and my culture really dictate my design style. I was born in Pakistan, but raised in Chicago. My travels often inspire my aesthetic, and generate an appreciation for different art forms like Japanese marbling, or block printing in India. My favorite place to travel thus far has been Cambodia. Not only because of the incredible history and architecture, but the resilience and hospitality of the people that I met there. Here is a picture of me trying to look cute while hiking in 120 degree weather around Angor Wat, and some artistic touches found around Siam Reap.


Currently, I am loving a lot of typography and hand lettering, and trying to force myself to take time out to learn to do it myself! Its something I love seeing on invitations. Because of this new interest, I really enjoy the hand done, more casual script fonts on our site right now. Some examples of this are Isabella Script, Fashionista, and Flirt. On the other hand, pairing a straightforward, more traditional font with a pretty, light design creates a similar effect (see Mrs. Eaves Petite or Goudy bold) that is still whimsical and friendly. You can see this combination below on one of my favorite products on the site – coasters you can write on and send home with the newlyweds as a keepsake:

Personalized Wedding Coasters

Hand-lettered envelopes I did for a bridal shower are to the right and these coasters on the left and others can be found on our site here.

A different twist on a floral design is seen here on invitations I designed earlier this year with shiny rose gold foil. The words are simple and clean-balancing the more elaborate, fun pattern that makes the page pop. We created coordinating napkins, guest towels and match books as well.

Wedding Letterpress Suite

Click here to check out more personalization options for foil stamped invitations like this.

Earlier this year I used a very similar font combo for a Mother’s Day high tea we hosted. We were very fancy, and enjoyed the perfect (and extremely rare) Chicago spring afternoon outdoors. This is how I prefer to spend my weekends – outdoors, surrounded by close family and friends. The ladies loved the light coral napkins with satin gold foil, and took some home as a keepsake. While I love exploring the city and eating out (My current favorite sushi place is Yuzu in West Town) I often think I’m more of a homebody and would rather sit on the deck with some iced tea or watch Netflix in my pajamas with my cat, Otis (you will see his handsome mug below).

Personalized Mother's Day Napkins

Our napkins come in a rainbow of colors and different sizes. Start here to build some for your next event.

To wrap it up – something fun about me: recently my house became a zoo! Though I’m more of a cat person (go ahead, hurl the insults, I’ll wait), I love love love puppies, and just adopted a fur ball from a local shelter this Fall. Her name is Penny and we are the best of gal pals. I probably like her so much because she reminds me of myself: easily distracted, great with people, and super clever. It doesn’t count as bragging when you’re comparing yourself to a dog, right?

Otis and Penny

Otis in the bathroom, and Penny in the snow – respectively their favorite places.


… searching for a pun to start this post about how this couple started their life together. We are not talking about the nuptials (well of course we are, just not yet) but the day they met. A BLIND DATE! Who goes on blind dates anymore? An old fashioned blind date, set up by real people they actually know. Well these two did, and they got hitched!

Congratulations to John and Abby McNicoll!

Microsoft Word - Blinded.docx

Custom Wedding Program

The relationship may have started with a little leap of faith. But since day one, it was obvious these two were an amazing pair. I was so excited to be a part of the couple’s big day (well, I am the sister so they didn’t really have a choice there) and help make pretty things for their big day!

What we did…

We made programs to correspond with the soft, fresh look of the event. White print on sand colored paper using soft feminine script font. We wanted to keep nature involved and the organic pulp of the sand colored paper was a great touch. The programs did doubt duty as fans in an un air conditioned church late July!!

Microsoft Word - Blinded.docx

Microsoft Word - Blinded.docx

The whole day was really just amazing. The style was very classic and fresh. Arrangements of white floral and greenery from Buds ‘N Bloom in De Pere, WI really helped set this romantic tone. Pops of plum colored flowers here and there with resembling hops tied everything together. Everything looked so delicate and we loved the coordinating mixed vase styles that were on tables.

The venue, Thornberry Creek at Oneida had great space and staff. The front anteroom and patio were neat extra gathering places for mingling and chatting. There was always a champagne glass and napkin just steps away.


Classic Placards

Stardream Galvanized Silver with Satin Green Tea imprint foil matchbook

One cannot celebrate friends without fine cigars. We were happy to support this tasty habit and make pretty little matchbooks. Customized shiny green tea foil stamped on galvanized silver colored paper, read “John Loves Abby”… just to remind people what they were celebrating. So simple and adorable!

Microsoft Word - Blinded.docx

The night seriously flew by! From celebrating the live band dance party, to the tasty local craft beer, so many friends and family, we blinked and the night was over. Thanks to the amazing photographer and her team – it will never be forgotten. Amy Gaerthofner Fine Art Wedding Photography’s work speaks for itself. We joked that a good photographer could find a ditch and take amazing photographs. And no joke, we stopped in a parking lot where there was a field of high grass and Amy made it look like a whole new world. She captured the day perfectly. Our expectations were exceeded! And her pleasant personality helped crack the most natural smiles in everyone. Thanks for sharing your images Amy and wedding photo team!

You know you had a great time when your feet hurt for the entire following week. Bon Voyage to Italy happy newlyweds! Best wishes and thanks for sharing a few moments from your big day!

Photo credit: Amy Gaerthofner Fine Art Wedding Photography – AmyGaerthofner.com

Venue: Thornberry Creek at Oneida – golfthornberry.com

Flowers: Buds ‘N Bloom, De Pere, WI – budsnbloom.com


Jenna, Graphic Designer


¡Hola! Me llamo Jenna. I’m a “Sconnie girl” (from Wisconsin) who is still fairly new to the city. I moved to Chicago from Wisconsin last year to start my job as a Graphic Designer at Foryourparty.com. I went to college at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh where I studied Graphic Design and Spanish. Upon beginning my adventure at FYP, I was excited to learn that a lot of my co-workers spoke Spanish. I try to practice with them when I can—¡me encanta mucho! My current role at FYP includes working with customer’s custom art they upload, as well as preparing all the FYP artwork for metal plate production. We’re also working on redesigning some clip art for our galleries, so that’s been exciting as well!

How would you describe your design style?

One word to describe my design style is contrast. I like variation in size, weight, and spacial relationships. This summer I designed a bridal shower invitation mixing a more contemporary calligraphic typeface with a sleek san serif. Handwritten fonts like Channel Slanted (the one pictured in the invite) are very trendy right now. I also designed floral and striped patterns for the invite. The solid stripes pick up the black from the text and provide nice positive and negative space, while the watercolor pattern carries color throughout the background in the pattern and directs you to the main focal point. I also designed some cute coasters and napkins for the party!


What’s your favorite FYP product?

We have so many fun paper products to choose from here at FYP. My favorite is our plum linen like cocktail napkin with satin 18 kt. gold foil. My favorite paper and foil combo is poptone dark olive with shiny rose gold foil—check it out for any match box, tag, or other party favor item!

Personalized Linen Like Cocktail Napkins

Where do you get inspiration?

I get inspiration from a lot around me: fashion, nature, books-it really depends on what I’m working on. I believe as long as you keep your eyes fresh and open to discovering new things you’ll find inspiration in a lot of places.

 View of the Mississippi River in Wisconsin

Describe your perfect Saturday.

My perfect Saturday would be a day outdoors. I love being outside, which gets so difficult to do all year round here in the Midwest. I always dreamed of moving somewhere warm and south after I graduated college—I managed the south part, but not so much the warm! I love hiking, bike riding, going to the beach to play volleyball, or just meandering around the city to find something new.

If you were a dog, what breed would you be?

If I were a dog, I’d probably be a whippet. One of my friends from college is obsessed with them; this picture is of her dog, Macy. I think it’d be a good fit for me—I’m tall, skinny, and my expression is just about the same in the cold. Also, she kind of looks like she’s doing a yoga pose, and I’m a yogini, so it’s perfect!

My friend’s whippet Macy

What’s your favorite travel destination?

I love traveling. Unfortunately I am terrified of flying, but I do it to give myself the opportunity to discover more of this beautiful planet. My favorite international travel destination has been Brazil. I spent three weeks there in 2015 visiting a friend I met studying abroad in Spain. It was so fun traveling around speaking Spanish to the Brazilians, whom did not have any  problem understanding me, but then responded in Portuguese, which went entirely over my head. I still remember one phrase really well that my friend and her family taught me: Você pode me dar um guardanapo, por favor? (Can you hand me a napkin, please?). They thought it was hilarious when I would ask them that at the dinner table because I spoke very little Portuguese. There were so many beautiful beaches in Ceará; we also saw an area (Morro Branco) that actually reminded me a lot of my favorite domestic travel destination: Colorado. I went to Colorado on a trip for basketball in high school and we got to do a lot of fun stuff throughout the trip: hike, whitewater raft, see the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, and of course—play basketball. I also recently made it back out there to visit Denver. Conclusion of my travel life: I love being outdoors (when the temperature is above 32ºF).

Stand-up paddle boarding in Brazil

Plaza Mayor in Salamanca, Spain 

Relaxing in my hammock at the top of a mountain in Colorado

What’s your favorite Chicago restaurant?

So I’ve realized brunch is a pretty big deal in Chicago. I’ve been to a few great places, one being the Bongo Room in Andersonville—their banana pancakes are AMAZEBALLS. If you’re ever in Chicago, check it out!




‘Tis the season for love, laughter and happily ever after. Wedding season is a great time of year to reconnect with friends and family while celebrating the ones you love and care for.  Fancy dresses, ties, high heels and smiles fill the room while the bride and groom’s closest friends and family witness the beginning of their lives together as husband and wife—who doesn’t love to be a part of this? I road tripped it up to my home state of Wisconsin multiple times this summer to take part in the celebration of a few of my friends tying the knot to their significant others.


                                                Cake was made by a bridesmaid’s sister!

I grew up knowing both the bride and groom in this wedding. The groom, Macaulay, lived at the other end of our alley; and the bride, Abby, and I share many memories playing volleyball, basketball and softball together. Growing up with and witnessing your friends mature into adulthood and begin a family together is a really special part of life.

Mac and Abby kept things simple and trendy for their wedding. For starters, Abby altered her own sister/matron of honor Betsy’s wedding dress for the big day. How significant for Betsy to be able to contribute to her sister’s wedding in such a special and unique way—while saving a little money! 😉 Abby’s nephew was the cutest mini ring bearer—isn’t he adorable!?


The ring bear with his auntie (the bride) and mom (matron of honor)

For decor, Abby used our classic 3 ply amethyst cocktail napkins on her dinner tables, as well as placing them on the cake and snack tables—they added the perfect pop of color to the decor.

personalized napkins

                                                                       Dinner table decor

personalized napkins

                                                                    Pre-dinner snack table

Succulents have become a favorite, not only among plant lovers who aren’t such good plant mothers, but as an earthy, trendy decor. Abby used terrariums for her centerpieces, and mini potted succulents as mini wedding favors for her guests to take home and enjoy. The amethyst napkins were the perfect touch to this earthy color palette.


                                                                               Guest favors

personalized napkins

                                                Amethyst 3 ply cocktail napkin with shiny gold foil

The bar was lined with our 4in round white coasters that sparkled with a foil stamped message in our shiny 18kt. gold foil—a ForYourParty favorite. Adding these personal touches to the decor lets you shine light on your big day—and who doesn’t want to see their names shining on their wedding day?

personalized coasters

                                                White round coasters with shiny gold foil

Another fun bonus at the reception was a photo booth—props included!


Abby & Macaulay had a marvelous day and wanted to share a few words with our FYP bloggers: Abby’s advice for future brides-to-be is to not get caught up in getting things done and just enjoy every moment. She said, “Your big day can get stressful with all the planning and details, but have fun with it, and enjoy the time with your bridesmaids and family planning.” Mac wanted to tell all the future grooms out there to enjoy the day because the next thing you know you’re on the dance floor and your groomsmen are hitting on your sisters and cousins—thanks, Mac. 

Congrats on your hometown love story, Abby & Mac! 💞

Newly Weds

Photo credit: Tara Edwards Photography, FYP

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, and it could be a bride’s worst nightmare, but not for my bestie Julie. Overcast skies for a perfect “first look” picture, a downpour hitting the stained glass windows during the ceremony, and a constant drizzle for outdoor pictures didn’t put a damper on anything but our hair for this wedding party. I had the joy of being Julie’s maid of honor this summer, and she had smiles on her face from the moment we woke up in her old bunk beds, to wheeling gifts to the car at midnight dripping of sweat. While taking pictures under a dripping willow tree, Julie’s newlywed husband, Caleb, put the umbrella back INTO the car because she was having so much fun hopping around in the rain—I may have snatched it right up…That being said, we didn’t let the rain ruin the celebration of our two favorite humans tying the knot in beautiful northern Wisconsin.



Julie and Caleb went for a rustic themed wedding—perfect for the location. From burlap to tree stumps, sand colored party napkins to red candies, the reception hall was gorgeous. Julie made almost all of the decor herself, with the help of friends and family—myself included. One of my favorites were the stumps used for both centerpieces and place card holders. Julie’s dad and brother spent an entire day cutting down trees and slicing the wood. It was so special to see how proud they were to be able to contribute to the wedding in such a hands-on and personal way. Julie used mason jars to hold hand-picked flowers and cut out table numbers.

Place Cards

ForYourParty’s sand, classic 3 ply napkins with matte merlot foil lined the bar for cocktails—adding pops of color and personality.

Personalized Wedding Cocktail Napkins

Personalized Wedding Napkins


A red candy table lined the dance floor for the guests to enjoy during the reception or carry away treats in our small cellophane bags. A message matching the cocktail napkins was stamped on the bag in our matte kraft/latte foil.


More rustic decor lined the entryway and gift table, consisting of home made signs and pictures of the newlyweds.


Caleb told me that, “the wedding day is without a doubt the most fun day you will ever have, surrounded by friends and family; but on the same note, it will also be extremely stressful.” His advice to future grooms is to “do your best to be the one person that brings the most joy and does not bring any stress or frustration to your bride.”

Julie highly recommends a first look with your soon to be hubby! She said, “It was probably one of my favorite parts of the day, having some time for just the two of us, because that’s what the day is all about! 🙂 Plus, time flies, really live in the moment and don’t let anything ruin your day! Enjoy every second!”

We danced the night away and made more memories to add to our long list that began six years ago in college.

Julie and Caleb made a big move out east a week after the wedding for Julie to begin grad school. FYP wishes them the best of luck as they begin their new journey together as husband and wife.


Photo credit: Kepner Photography, ForYourParty.com

Hi I’m Sarah and I’m originally from Waukegan, IL, which is just about 45 minutes from the office. I attended Skidmore College in upper state New York. I’m a graphic designer at For Your Party.

How would you describe your design style?

I would say that my design style is pretty minimalist and simple, yet elegant and bold. I am always drawn to creating contrast in my work, sometimes it’s bold font mixed with thinner font or an eye catching graphic complimented with thinner lighter font that you notice after the graphic draws you in. With this cocktail napkin with the Moscow Mule recipe, I tried to balance the bold “Moscow Mule” text with the lighter recipe text but still made it large enough to be readable. I’m drawn more to natural more subdued colors that let the design speak for itself rather then have the color overwhelm you and grab your eye first.

cocktail recipe napkin

Moscow Mule Recipe on Napkin

What are your current favorite font combinations?

My current favorite font combination is Carolyna and Sappho Monogram. I really love the juxtaposition of the delicate script font with the graphic outlined Sappho Monogram. They both are slightly delicate but the Sappho Monogram is just slightly bolder without being too jarring. I think the combination is very playful and fresh.Our Wedding Day Napkins

Birthday Girl Napkins

Birthday Girl Napkins

Describe your perfect Saturday?

My perfect Saturday is spent on the beach enjoying the freezing water of Lake Michigan. I love just lounging on the sand with a book in hand and pretending like I live in a more tropical climate; however, it can get so humid in the summer it almost feels like I do. Nothing makes me happier than just relaxing on the beach and enjoying the warm weather that we get for about a couple of months here in Chicago.

Lake Michigan Chicago Beach

Lake Michigan Chicago Beach

What’s your favorite FYP product?

My favorite FYP product is the Wood Veneer Paper Classic Box Matches. I think that this Wood Veneer Paper is very unique and is a great touch if you are going for a more earthy or natural look. I really love how the paper feels, I think it’s a super interesting product and has great look.

wood matches

Wooden Matches

Where do you get inspiration?

I mostly get inspiration from my amazing artistic friends on Instagram and all the wonderful work they share on there, or from blogs, or from every day life. I have many talented friends from college who also studied studio art and they share their work on their Instagram accounts and I love seeing what they are up to and working on. Sometimes I’ll be browsing on my phone and see them post something and then I feel inspired to stop just sitting around and create something as well! I also love looking at thedieline.com and getting inspiration from the beautiful package design that is being created and seeing what’s trending.
If you were a dog, what breed would you be?
picture of dog breed

If you were a dog, what breed would you be?

If I were a dog, I’d definitely be a Shiba Inu and not just because of those obnoxious doge memes. I’d be a Shiba Inu because they are super smart, stubborn, independent, loyal, and just plain sassy. After owning one, I think they are more similar to a cat then a dog but look like super adorable little foxes. My shiba is a super fierce diva and so am I. The picture is actually photos of my Shiba!

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu

What’s your favorite travel destination?

My favorite travel destination is London, England. I spent my first semester of college studying in London and it was such an amazing experience. My dad is from England and we still have family who live close to London, so it was amazing to visit them and be able to connect with them. London is just such a great city, there is always something going on. There are so many markets and fun events as well as all the museums that have free admission! There is no other place like London!


Sarah in London

What’s your favorite Chicago restaurant?

My favorite Chicago restaurant is Cozy Noodles! I use to work in a custom t-shirt shop near it and we had an awesome relationship with the owner and all the staff. They have great service; everyone is super nice and loves working there. They serve delicious Thai food and they have awesome decorations. If you ever visit it, check out their bathroom décor!

Cozy Noodle

Cozy Noodle

Cozy NoodleSave



Cynthia, Graphic Designer, pizza lover

@cynaroni • cynthiameade.com


Where are you from? College? Job at FYP?

When I was young my dad used to play Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” and made sure to let me know that it was because I was born in Uptown Chicago. Born and raised here, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Usually people take college as the opportunity to move out and go to a university out of the city, but I chose to stay here and attended DePaul University. It wasn’t until my sophomore year did I realize I want to major in Graphic Design. I spent most of my four years in the heart of downtown.

After graduation, my mornings went from spending an hour heading south towards The Loop, to driving about 10 minutes north to Skokie to work at ForYourParty. My job at FYP is being one of the many Graphic Designers in office. We take orders, get them ready for printing and help people enjoy their very own personalized party accessories. It’s a blast coming in, talking to some great gals and working on my daily tasks all the while listening to some music. We try to have fun and use any excuse to bring in some snacks (it’s someone’s birthday every day, right?) – never a dull moment at FYP!

How would you describe your design style?


spread from redesign of DePaul’s CDM Graduate booklet

If you know what the International Typographic Style of design is, you know my kind of design: simple and clear. Huge lover of Swiss typography, German typefaces, bold colors and the use of the grid. I also love creating my own visuals for my work from scratch (above is an example of a spread from a project of mine). I try and combine my minimalist tendencies and ample use of white space with colors to create something eye-catching.

What are your current favorite font combinations?

I love Isabella Script and Museo Slab a lot. It’s a great combo of a trendy ‘script’ typeface and a ‘straight forward’ that I will always love. Here’s one example of them being used together on a Cocktail Napkin.

Describe your perfect Saturday.

Netflix and Chill – except not like that. ‘Chill’ in the sense that I’ll be in my pjs, cuddling with my puppy, marathoning a series until my eyes hate me and of course ordering bad/delicious food.

What’s your favorite FYP product?

Custom wedding cocktail napkins

summer themed wedding napkins designs for promotional use on FYP

I’m going to be a little bias here and say that the above is my favorite Cocktail Napkin. I designed them for Summer Weddings and am just so happy with how they turned out! I especially love our coral/light coral colored napkins. Very lovely for summer, especially when paired with a yellow or even a shade of blue.


Where do you get inspiration?

I follow a ton of design blogs, so I guess the online design community gives me inspiration. I’m on Tumblr and on Instagram, learning what’s hip-n-happening! I also like following tattooers on Instagram – they have an interesting way of taking a design/piece of artwork and applying it to a very real medium. A lot of design goes into a tattoo, from the way it’s drawn, the colors chosen, to the place on the body where its placed.

If you were a dog, what breed would you be?


a picture of my puppy, who loves to pose for the camera

I’ll make this question easy for myself and reference that whole “the dog matches the owner” thing that I remember from 101 Dalmatians and say I’d be a Cavapoo – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle mix. It’s a mix of absolute-adorable-face, wanting to have company around all the time (from the Cav) and the smarts of the Poodle! Definitely me.

What’s your favorite travel destination?


a south-eastern view of downtown Tokyo from on top of Tokyo Tower

I really need to go back to Japan. I went there last year and I still have dreams of being there. Everything about the country was fantastic! I even experienced my first earthquake and I still found my trip amazing. On my first day in Japan, I went to Tokyo Tower and looked at the entire city from the top. Easily one of the best experiences. And the food was too delicious!

What’s your favorite Chicago restaurant?

Rub’s Backcountry Smokehouse. The best BBQ place… at least on the Northside of Chicago. I recommend everyone try their Brisket Burger and Custard-Filled Cornbread. And Truffle Mac-N-Cheese.. and their Smoked Potato Chips..Actually just try everything on the menu. Guaranteed to be amazing.

70-degree weather, trees in full bloom, fresh cut flowers, white teapots and a whole lot of laughter. What more could mom want to celebrate her day? This year we honored the mom’s in our lives by throwing a very special, outdoor tea party. An intimate setting where we kicked the boys out, allowed for easy flowing conversation and plenty of food (more for us! ;)).

Mother's Day Garden Tea Party

Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays because not only do we get to tell mom how much we appreciate her, but also honor the many, strong and loving women in our lives that play a special role. This year was extra special because we had all of my sisters and sisters in laws together, as well as my mom, mother in law, and some aunts too!




We laid out the table and went all out for a special high tea at home. The celebration took place on our back deck, which we filled with flowers and color. As the lawn had turned lush green it provided a lovely background for our small party. I played with corals and blues to play up the long awaited spring season. Everyone was dressed to the nines as we enjoyed mini sandwiches, crudités, scones with fresh clotted cream and desserts upon desserts – after all, sweets are the most important part of a celebration!

Personalized Cocktail Napkins

The menu was split up by my sister, my sister-in-laws, and me – truly making it a very special, group effort for our moms. Every time they complimented something, we were able to credit someone different. The idea of us all coming together to make them feel celebrated and loved was really special.

Setting the table is always my favorite part. I started with my mother’s china set; given to her at her wedding by her parents over 30 years ago, it truly holds a special place in her heart and mine. I offset the very traditional china with floral, blue linen as well as a pop of color with my coral For Your Party cocktail napkins. I decided to foil stamp with a satin gold to add a little bit of shimmer to the table that was playing with a lot of elements of clean whites and wood. The moms loved the custom made napkins! They had a simple ‘I love you, MOM!’ on them, and the ladies all took extras home with them as keepsakes. I drafted up a menu by hand, and the mom’s couldn’t stop taking pictures of it all!

Personalized Cocktail Napkins

Seeing the personalized napkins was definitely the moms’ favorite part as it was something created especially for this occasion. They all talked about making more for our next family gathering – summer BBQ’s or Father’s day! I told them about all of the color combinations we could do, and they all started laughing about how the dad’s would appreciate matchbooks, and we would appreciate the colors and art! That’s the best part about personalized product- its more than just a gift, its something that’s used and interacted with at a party. The customized napkins at our high tea tied all of the décor together and truly brought a unique touch to our gathering that we will cherish forever.

Personalized Cocktail Napkins for Mother's Day

My brother is GETTING MARRIED! I can’t handle the excitement and was so happy to be a part of the shower planning committee with other close family members.  Where to start planning?

Personalized Wedding Scallop Coasters

Personalized Scallop Coasters with Shiny Gold Foil

The most important event goal was to have FUN. This party had to express the couple’s brightest character. They are both so fun. They are silly, caring, whole hearted people, who love to drink… WINE. The couple’s second best quality, is their taste in fine wine and delicious snacks. With the two powers combined, how can we have anything but a classy and exciting event?

Let’s throw a great party!

Step One: Pick a venue. So easy, right? Ha! But finding a place that will represent the happy couple and accommodate all the needs of the party can be a challenge. Team MCWING crushed it with the Black and Tan Grill in Downtown Green Bay, WI. The lounge was a perfect balance of casual and classy. With large windows, the typical bar was bright and sunny for an afternoon gathering. The space held guests well, had an amazing bar and staff to push delicious spirits in our glasses. If you are in the Green Bay/ Fox Valley area, I highly recommend this venue for your event. www.blackandtangrille.com

Step Two: Decorate to AMAZE! We had the bones of the venue to support the party. Now we just needed to sprinkle the party with pretty things to complement.  Our Kate Spade inspired party left the colors to black, white, gold and pops of plum and corals. I started with fun napkins. It was easy finding these colors, and fun putting personalized graphics on the napkins. I took it upon myself to add the couple’s wedding handle for Instagram, hoping partygoers would attach any fun pictures to the shower. IT WORKED!

Personalized Plum Cocktail Napkins with Gold Foil

Personalized Plum Cocktail Napkins with Gold Foil

Personalized “Advice to the Bride & Groom” Coasters

I also couldn’t resist straw tags and stir sticks. We used our stir sticks for the coffee more than mixed drinks. Since wine was the drink of the afternoon, and we had many non-drinkers that we still wanted to decorate.

Personalized Stardream Super Gold Straw Tags with Matte Black Foil

Personalized Stardream Super Gold Straw Tags with Matte Black Foil

Personalized Rectangle Stir Sticks

Personalized Rectangle Stir Sticks with Gold Foil

Can you have too much confetti? The answer is no. Too many things can be done with paper. My hoarding reflexes had me make confetti garland with all the leftover paper that wasn’t needed to sprinkle on all the tables. The plus side was that confetti was large, so the bar didn’t want to kill me for sprinkling it everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE.

Personalized Wedding Cocktail Napkins


Step Three: Invite fun people. But really, all people who love and support you will make your day and event to remember.  This party was not only filled with wonderful local family and friends, but there was some surprise appearances from out of town family to help make the day.



Overall, the party was a huge SUCCESS! I met many great people, who I can’t wait to see again through other wedding related events. It was a great kick-start to the couples wedding adventure. Another shout out to my brother and his soon to be wifey, so happy to be a part of your big day (and events leading up to). Love you FOREVER!


We love our weekends! Even more, we love weekend brunches. Best of all, we love bridal Mimosa brunches.

Brunch is a great time to enjoy good food in the company of great friends. Think weekend morning: your favorite people, delicious finger food, light cocktails, flowers and lots of light and laughter. Top it with some great bubbly cocktails and you are the greatest host. Yes, this is what we are talking about – Mimosa brunches. Even thinking about it puts us in a better mood already.

Brunch events are very trendy these days. We have few great ideas for spicing up your bridal brunch. Since brunch is traditionally served between the hours of 11am and 3pm in a buffet style, the food served can be just about anything you can imagine – this makes it a favorite time to celebrate bridal showers. To have a great experience as a host, we suggest that you start preparing ahead of time. Think of how many different appetizers you will serve and prepare. And freeze as much as you can in advance! Make final preparations the night before, leave only the fruit cutting for the morning of.

Personalized Bridal Brunch

Impress them all with an amazing Mimosa/Bellini bar. Have plenty of fresh seasonal fruits, champagne and variety of fruit purees and juices. You can even make your own fresh purees. Good fruit choices are peach, raspberry, orange. Here is a great Mimosa recipe you can suggest to your guests; have the recipe on display and all ingredients available:

Kickin’ Mimosa

5-6 oz Champagne

1/2 orange liqueur

1 oz orange or grapefruit juice

Splash grenadine

Pour ingredients into a champagne glass. Garnish with a strawberry.

Setting the bridal brunch table is lots of fun and we just have the greatest personalized accessories that will seal it all and impress all the guests.

Personalized Linen Like Cocktail Napkins Bridal Shower

Our customized linen like napkins come in beautiful vibrant colors. It’s a great idea to personalize two sets of complimentary or opposite colors for a nice table decor effect. These elegant, personalized sets feature our linen like cocktail napkins in plum with matte white imprint foil on top of the aqua luncheon napkins imprinted with our satin plum foil.

Personalized Stir Sticks Bridal Shower

Dress up your party drinks in style! We love to use our custom foil stamped stir sticks as cocktail fruit sticks. Get some fruit garnishes ready on the personalized stirrers for your guests. Featured on the image are our round stir sticks personalized with satin penny copper foil.

Personalized Blush Coaster Bridal Shower

Personalized coasters are another elegant way to add to the party table decor. We carry a selection of color shape coasters that your guests will find so adorable they will take as keepsakes. Featured here is the nouveau shape coasters in blush with kraft back, imprinted with satin plum foil.

Have fun organizing your brunch event. It is a time to enjoy the precious moments with your closest friends and family and honor the bride to be. Don’t forget to check www.foryourparty.com for great personalized party accessory ideas.