Last week, we shared with you a wonderful Candyland Themed Bat Mitzvah. Now we’d like to give you some inspiration for a Bar Mitzvah, in the form of a Rock Star Bar Mitzvah! Using our straw tags, coasters, and special themed place cards, we were able to create a successful suite of products that sticks with the Rock Star theme.

We chose a range of blue hues with silver accents: the perfect Rock Star Palette. Starting with our Turquoise Cocktail Napkin and a Shiny Royal Blue foil, we set the tone of the entire night with a fun mix of typefaces and a guitar motif.


Give your guests a taste of the Rock Star theme with our special Laser-Cut Guitar Placecard. Try it in our Poptone Teal/Peacock with Satin Silver foil.

To keep everything consistent, consider using the same design on multiple products, like we are doing with our White Round Coasters and Cocktail Napkins.


Why not dress up your menu with graphics and fun typefaces to give your guests something exciting to look at as well as to inform them of their meal options. Here, we are using our Classic Layered Menu with Metallic Silver Matte underneath our Natural Slate with a Shiny Silver foil imprint.


Incorporate your color palette in exciting ways using our Gray Striped Straws and Pennant Straw Tags.


Don’t forget to thank your guests! Our Any Color Notecards + Envelopes work great as thank you cards.

Consider our Round Gift Tags for a small, but fun, accent to your party favors. Vary your graphics throughout your designs to keep your theme interesting and not repetitive. Here we are using our Metallic Silver Matte paper and Satin Teal/Peacock foil.

Books are filled with romanticism and allow your imagination to run wild. For many people, reading allows them to escape from the present and transport themselves to faraway lands and adventures. Books are also filled with couples and love stories that have inspired you throughout your life – so it’s no wonder that you want to create a literary theme for your big day!

Literature is just as multifaceted as you and your groom, so there are endless directions that you could go with the theme to tailor it specifically to the two of you as a couple. You may choose to select a specific book or series that the two of you both love. Or you may want to take a broader approach by selecting a specific genre, such as love stories from classic literature.

Surround yourself with literature
When selecting your venue, consider looking into historic or old university libraries in your city. While nontraditional locations have become increasingly more popular, many people overlook libraries as an option. They can make beautiful backdrops for your wedding. You can choose something grand, such as the George Peabody Library in Baltimore, or something a little cozier such as an indie bookstore with vintage charm or a quirky personality. Below is a lovely example of an intimate library wedding ceremony, featured on Style Me Pretty.


Set the tone with your save the dates
Your save the date is the first taste of the wedding’s theme that your guests will receive. You could include language and quotes from your favorite books to frame the announcement. Use a typeface that alludes to manuscripts by using embellished dropped capital letters. If you’re feeling really creative, you can even make your save the dates look like the slips inside of library books!

Decorate on theme
One thing you will definitely want to consider is to decorate with your theme in mind. This could be as easy as incorporating books into your centerpieces, as seen on Style Me Pretty.

Or you could take it a step further and use book pages, like this couple did, featured on The Style Co.


Give the gift of good stories
Everyone wants to give their guests a good party favor. Fortunately, a literary wedding is the perfect excuse to give party favors that are anything but cheesy. You can either buy your favorite classic titles online from bulk retailers that give discounts on large orders, or you can make an adventure out of shopping thrift stores, vintage shops and second-hand booksellers. If you have a large wedding, though, bulk ordering may be easiest. Use our customizable bookmarks to add a personal touch to your book favors.

Or you could try using a custom satin ribbon to tie a tag on the books with your favorite quote from the book, the date of your wedding and your new monogram. Take some inspiration from these favors from The Knot and Wedding Pride.



Recently, we’ve been noticing that the trend of framing or bordering text is catching on…very quickly! Our customers have provided us with so many different styles for inspiration: from thin, dainty, with floral (like you see above) to thick and elegant (as seen below).

Some of the frames we’ve seen from our customers are very elaborate with many small details, like you’ll see below.


Offering just circular frames is boring and we want to steer clear of boring, so try incorporating a more horizontal border to your text. And if you still can’t shake the need for something circular, try placing it on one of our circular products, like our round coasters.

As for the text that you should include in your frame—we recommend (and many customers opt for) your initials or monogram, and a date.


Here at ForYourParty, we are always looking for additions to our extensive graphics library, so we’ve jumped on the bandwagon and added numerous frames and borders for our customers to use as they please. We’ve created some beautiful custom designs for our customers to use as is or take inspiration from.

We’ve created these frames so they are available to use on a variety of our products, from napkins, to koozies, to matches, and more.

To show our customers all of the possibilities of these frames, we’ve created mini suites of products all featuring our custom frames and borders, which can mostly be found in our Monogram Shop.


We sought to create a wide variety of frames in order to fit anyone and everyone’s taste. Some are full of florals, while others are very simple and line-based. We have even created some more geometric inspired frames, like the one seen below.
4hv3ohuuocnpirvdjq960fn8h6-2 copy

4hv3ohuuocnpirvdjq960fn8h6 copy 4hv3ohuuocnpirvdjq960fn8h6-1 copy

Be sure to take a look at all of our beautiful frames to spice up your personalized products! Click here to begin browsing any of our products.


It’s the time of year for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs! We at ForYourParty wanted to share a suite of products featuring a Candyland themed Bat Mitzvah, complete with napkins, stir sticks, gifts tags, goodie bags, table numbers and more. We’ve chosen a yummy color palette of teals, greens, and hot pinks to fit the ‘Candyland’ theme.


Here, we used our Tiffany Blue Luncheon napkin with Satin Fuchsia foil. We furthered the theme of ‘Candyland’ by adding a lollipop motif.


Creating a complimentary cocktail napkin was easy with the use of our Fuchsia napkins and Satin Teal/Peacock foil. Using varying typefaces and motifs allows each product to stand out while still fitting the entire theme of the event.

Give each table some extra pop by adding a Tall Shadow Cut Table Number with colors that fit the theme, in this case, Stardream Fuchsia on Poptone Tiffany Blue.


Use our wave straw tags to add a little fun to your beverages. Here, we’re using our Stardream Fuchsia with Shiny Turquoise foil. Try to stay consistent with your typefaces to create a cohesive look.

Our round stir sticks are also a great way to fix up a boring beverage! Here we’re using our satin Teal/Peacock foil. Print the same art on both sides, or vary each side, like we’ve done.

Add some life to your menu with our Fold Over Menus. Try to be creative with your typefaces and graphics! For our menu, we used Stardream Fuchsia and Poptone Tiffany Blue with Matte Teal/Peacock foil.

Incorporate your theme throughout the entire event, and that includes the bathrooms! Use our guest towels to add a touch of the theme in the washrooms. Here, we used our Key Lime Guest Towel with Shiny Leaf.

Make each of your guests feel special with a personalized placecard. Using our Cupcake-Shaped Trend Placecard in Stardream Tiffany Blue and Shiny Fuchsia foil, we create a lasting impression for each guest.


Be sure to offer a treat for your guests to take home, and use any of our gift tags (consider our Luggage Tag) to give each of them a touch of personality.


Our Any Color Notecards + Envelopes make perfect thank you cards. Here we are using our Stardream Lime with Satin Teal/Peacock foil.


Use our Candyland Themed Bat Mitzvah as inspiration for your own party! Create your own theme and carry it throughout your entire event with the help of our tips!

With Pinterest being bookmarked on virtually every crafter’s computer, this social media tool has turned the world of crafting upside down. There are endless ideas and inspiration found on this website and it’s easy to pin and pin until you have hundreds of projects that you plan to do for later. But instead of putting them aside for a rainy day, how about inviting your closest friends to complete them with you at a crafting party?

Decide on a guest list
Depending on how large a party you want to have. This will help you figure out exactly which crafts you should aim to complete. If you’re planning on doing a fairly easy craft, a larger social gathering would be appropriate. However, if you’re planning on attempting a more complex project, a smaller party of about four to six people would work better. From custom coasters and DIY wine bags to homemade scarves and pillows, Pinterest has hundreds of ideas, so you’re sure to find the perfect craft for your party.


Get the word out
What better way to get your guests in the creative mood than to send out craft invitations.  As you probably already know, Pinterest has plenty of ideas when it comes to invitations, so get the ball rolling with your first DIY project. Here are some cute DIY invitations to get your ideas flowing. If you’re party is in the summer, consider these popsicle inspired invitations.


Gather craft supplies
Be sure that you have all you need for your crafting party and ensure that each guest will have ample supplies. Whether it’s custom ribbon, glue, glitter, fabric, paint, scissors or more, each item should be accounted for.


Food and drink
What’s a party without some snacks and refreshments? You and your fellow crafters are going to need some delicious food and drink to keep your energy up and your creative juices flowing. If it’s a fun girls’ night, grab a few bottles of wine or Champagne to sip and share. You could even turn your drinks into a DIY craft to make with your girlfriends by throwing together a yummy wine cocktail. All you need is a couple bottles of Moscato, some Sprite, and any flavored sparkling water of your choice! Fast, fun, east, and delicious. As for the food, you could have each guest bring her favorite treat. Try to match the fare to your craft of choice! If you’re making cozy no-sew pillow like these, from Organize Your Stuff Now, you could opt for comfort food like macaroni and cheese, apple pie or chicken soup.

There are an endless amount of DIY projects that range from quick and easy to intricate and time-consuming, so there’s sure to be the craft that is perfect for you and your crafting night. Don’t forget to check out all of our products, like our coasters, personalized ribbons, and favor boxes, that would make great bases for your own DIY projects.

As part of our Real Parties series, we are going to showcase some of our favorite, inspirational products that our designers here at ForYourParty have custom designed. This week, we will be taking a look into our Underwater Birthday party. To create a sea-themed day, we’ve used products such as our scallop tags, party bags, oval stir sticks, and more.


One of the most important elements to consider when creating your products, is to stick with a color scheme and carry it throughout all of your designs. In this case, we chose pinks, purple, teal, and a hint of orange for a tropical touch.

NYSS_underwater_birthday_bev napkin_blog

Adding to the underwater theme, we are using our jellyfish graphic with a great typeface pairing: Rosewood & Neutra. Our Rose Petal cocktail napkin with our Matte Amethyst foil add the perfect girly touch to the celebration.

Don’t forget to use every opportunity to add a personal touch to your day! Give your drinks some life with our Fuchsia striped straws and Stardream Tiffany Blue heart tags.


Showcase your menu in style with our Classic Layered Menu Card. Here, we are using our Poptone Violet and Stardream Tiffany Blue with Matte Amethyst foil. Create some consistency within your designs by using the same graphics on some of your products, like the jellyfish that we previously saw on our cocktail napkins.

NYSS_underwater_birthday_gift tag_blog

Add some personalization to your party favors with our scalloped gift tags! Create something truly special by incorporating a clever or funny phrase. Here we’ve used our Shiny Rose Quartz foil on our Poptone Violet gift tag.

NYSS_underwater_birthday_stir stick_blog

There’s no such thing as too much customization. Use our Oval stir sticks to add an extra dose of personality to the event. Keeping with the theme, we chose our Matte Teal/Peacock foil.

So take some inspiration from us and custom design your own suite of products for your next big celebration!

A big trend we’ve been noticing lately is state art. A lot of our customers are choosing to feature their home state and their sweetie’s home state. We thought this was a fantastic idea, so we can now officially announce we have state art available for any of our products!

Just look at how creative some of our customers have been with their state art:

If you and your future hubby are from the same state, be creative with featuring your home state, like this couple did with Idaho.
If you both are from different states, try featuring both with your names overlapping.


Try adding a dotted line and some hearts in between your two home towns for an adorable effect.


Don’t be afraid to keep it simple! Try adding a single heart on your home town with your initials in the corner.


Consider fitting both of your names separated by a heart inside your home state.


We have plenty of ideas and inspiration on our State-themed party page, take a look at a few below!

statesUse something we’ve created, or design something entirely on your own! Check out all the great ideas here.

With Labor Day right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start planning and preparing for your Labor Day shindig. We wanted to give everyone a little dose of inspiration to help make your get-togethers and cookouts one for the books.

We’ll start with the most important aspect of a labor day cookout: the food!

For a simple, patriotic appetizer, try this Blueberry, Strawberry, & Jicama Salsa from Two Peas and Their Pod. It’s perfect for snacking with tortilla chips, or you could even top your grilled chicken or fish with this sweet and spicy salsa.


We can’t forget about the dessert, some may argue it’s more important than the main dish! For a delicious edition to any outback cookout, try this Blueberry Apricot Pie from Babble. This recipe is extra convenient because you can assemble it, refrigerate, and simply bake it a few minutes before your guests arrive. Be sure to serve it warm and topped with a mountain of ice cream.

What pairs perfectly with anything? Cocktails. Here is one of our favorite cocktails for you to serve your guests during your Labor Day BBQ. I don’t think there could be a more appropriate cocktail than this Labor Day Sangria from Andrea Correale. It’s delicious and on theme, what could be better?

Don’t forget to dress up your party with some of our customized products! Make sure to check out all of our labor day exclusive products! Like these adorable two-color cocktail napkins and straw tags. They will add the perfect amount of style to your cocktails.


Consider personalizing some of our drink koozies for your guests who may shy away from the cocktails, but still want a refreshing drink.


Our personalized coasters and matches will really impress your guests and are a great addition to any event. Try designing a little something your own, or simply personalize a design we’ve created for you!

Above all else, make this labor day one to remember. Celebrate in the company of friends and family, eat some great food, and enjoy the fact that you have a day to relax!


This week, we’d like to feature a very special wedding on our Real Parties series. Judith & James were married at the City Museum in St. Louis with a theme of Scotland & Bicycles.

From Judith herself, “When we got engaged, we knew right away that we wanted to pick a venue that our guests would never forget. Not only is it a beautiful and unique space but our guests could go down a six story slide!”  The venue, the theme, the decor—everything about the event is to die for, and Nicole Welch does an amazing job capturing the energy and love of the entire night. This wedding is extra special for us here at ForYourParty, because our very own Rachel Anderson was in the wedding party and helped Judith find the perfect products to spice up her event! “The night was filled with love, laughter, and adventure which felt like the perfect way to start the rest of our lives together.”


“Loved seeing our friends have so much fun all over the city museum! And seeing all of our favorite people together in one place.”

When asked about her favorite part of the day, Judith says “Definitely the venue. There was a human size rat wheel in our reception hall! A lot of people hadn’t been to St. Louis before our wedding and I think a lot of them will be coming back based on the City Museum alone.”

Judith and James chose to use beautifully designed bicycle-accented cocktail napkins to fit their theme of Bicycles & Scotland. 

To add a little something special to their day, Rachel designed these lovely programs for the ceremony.


Adding the perfect pop of color, Judith chose yellow floral bouquets from Flowers Les Bouquets.

More than anything, the love Judith and James share shines throughout the entire day and paints a beautiful picture of the beginning of their lives together.



Brides-to-be have a lot of things to look forward to in the coming months: lots of exciting planning, special times with loved ones, and, of course, the bridal shower. The bridesmaids traditionally coordinate this event, and it’s one of the most memorable and traditional aspects of the bride’s journey leading up to the big day. If you’re planning this for your BFF bride, here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind so the party can go as smoothly as possible.

bridalshowerKara’s Party Ideas

Do set a budget
Even if it’s not a huge soiree, it’s still important to know who is paying for what. If any of the bridesmaids can’t attend, they should contribute to the bridal shower budget either way. Sit down with everyone and create a spreadsheet of exactly who is paying for what. If not everybody is able to contribute significantly, try to help them find alternative ways to be a part of the shower, like baking cookies or crafting their own decorations or favors.

Do schedule it in advance
If you have a lot of people wanting to attend the celebration, you should try to choose a date far enough in advance so that everyone can clear their schedules. A wedding shower can take place anytime between six months to a week before the wedding, depending on the bride. You may need to schedule it far in advance so that guests can arrange travel plans.


Hostess with the Mostess

Do send out invitations
Typically, invitations for a bridal shower should be sent out to guests at least four to six weeks in advance. Try to find invitations that match the theme or tone of the event. For a fun and casual party, this bridal shower invite has the perfect pops of pinks and adds a subtle touch of personality.

Don’t be the boss
Of course you’ll want to make sure that everything goes as planned, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to assume full responsibility for every detail of the event. Between picking out custom napkins and personalized goodie bags, there’s a lot to do – and it’s all about delegating.

Make sure that you break up the different tasks for the shower among you and the other bridesmaids. Letting each girl tackle something can save you from a lot of frustration.

bridalshower3Wedding Chicks

Don’t forget about the bride
You may be in charge of planning the shower, but it’s still important to pay attention to the bride’s opinions. Remember, this is for her, not you. Take her input and make plans accordingly. However, you’re the one planning this, not her, so if she’s asking for a lot and taking control, gently remind her that all she has to do is sit back and relax while you do all the hard work.

bridalshower6Wedding Chicks