10 Years of Trends

In honor of ForYourParty’s 10th anniversary, we thought we would look back at some of the best, worst, and most entertaining trends over the past 10 years.


One trend that has come and gone is the Mint Box Favor. We adored these little personalized delicious favors, but they became less popular over the years. We miss those “Mint” to be messages! Our President, Sari Mintz, could always be found with Mintz Mints in her purse. Farewell little mints, hope to see you again soon, after all, all trends come back!


The perfect solution for those party hostesses looking for that sweet little Goodbye should check out our adorable tins of LaVie Candies in different flavors with a belly band that sends that personalized message. These are a chic alternative to a candy box and will surely have your guests wanting more!

Through the years, we’ve continued expanding and adding products to suit the needs of the industry and, of course, our wonderful customers. Our bar section has grown like crazy! Custom recipe coasters are a huge trend now and party hostesses love our custom stir sticks and straw flags with cute striped straws. Now we even supply personalized cups and can coolers!


Colors & Patterns

One color trend that really stuck out in the mid 2000’s was the tendency to pair a masculine color, like brown or gray, with more feminine colors, like light pastel pinks and lavenders. Many brides felt the need to tone down the femininity of their pinks and purples by incorporating a brown or gray to better accommodate their husbands-to-be. Pink and brown is out, but gray and yellow and gray and fuschia are trends that are here to stay for a while!

Budget Savvy Bride
Budget Savvy Bride

Designs & Typefaces

Not much has changed over the past 10 years in regards to designs on the actual products. What has changed, however, is how creative our customers have become! Everything has become more personal and more about standing out amongst a crowd. Monograms have become very popular, as have calligraphic typefaces.



Keeping with the technology of today, we have seen more and more customers ‘hashtagging’ on their products. While brides of 10 years ago were leaning more towards the traditional side of wedding decor, brides today don’t hold anything back and do anything they can to stand out and show their creativity through their decoration.


Our Transformation

Not only have we seen a change in the trends of customers over the past 10 years, but we have changed as a company a great deal as well! Our office size has tripled, as well as the number of employees. Our website has gone through many transformations over the years. Check out this cute infographic to learn more about how we’ve evolved!

ForYourParty infographic

¬†So help us celebrate a fabulous 10 years by personalizing your own party! You can use the code 10YEARS at checkout for a special gift from us to you as a huge thank you for all you’ve done to help us grow over the years.

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