10 Years of Wedding & Party Trends | ForYourParty’s 10th Anniversary


10 Years of Wedding & Party Trends

Some trends were born to make you say, “What on Earth were we thinking?!” Others disappear with yesterday’s fashion, only to reemerge decades later. In celebration of ForYourParty’s 10th Anniversary, here’s a look back at the most memorable party trends from the past decade.


Disposable Cameras

Placing a few cameras at each table is a great way to entertain guests while adding pages to the wedding album. The bride and groom can look forward to getting the film developed once they return from their honeymoon. They should, however, proceed with caution. This party trend has proven time and again to be an unpredictable social experiment. Under the cloak of anonymity, even the most mature party guests can’t help but take an inappropriate photo or two.

Other Trends: Wedding cake makes room for small pastries, chocolate-covered strawberries and festive cookies.



Professional Dance Lessons

They’re perfect for each other—just look at them dance! More and more couples are booking ballroom dancing classes to wow friends and family during that big first dance. And the trend isn’t limited to just the bride and groom. Even the father of the bride is known to go Footloose during the father-daughter dance.

Other Trends: Whiskey bars, cigar bars and wedding matches.

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DIY Wedding Vows

Bride and groom ditch the script to write their own meaningful vows and wedding program. If they can hold back the tears, the couple exchanges a very personal and heartfelt commitment to one another. To the newlyweds who go this route, a DIY approach is much more meaningful to the otherwise traditional wedding ceremony. Other ceremony details are also being upgraded, like replacing the organist with a classically trained guitar player.

Other Trends: Relaxed-formal dress code and calls for certain colors.



Proposal Photography

Just pray she doesn’t see that guy with the camera ducking in the bushes! More grooms are seeking photographers to catch that precious “yes!” moment on camera. The emotionally-charged photos also make perfect save the date cards. Some party planners specialize in helping young lovers plan the perfect proposal, complete with a stealthy camera crew on standby.

Other Trends: Tungsten rings and tattoo wedding bands.



Viewing Parties

Staying in and watching television doesn’t mean the same as it used to. Fans are inviting all their friends over to watch the hottest shows and season finales. The trend really gained momentum with American Idol, and has continued with hit shows like The Oscars, Grey’s Anatomy, Mad Men, Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones. The most extreme viewing parties require costumes while others feature creative appetizers and other custom party accessories.

Other Trends: Green weddings and incredible invitations.



Macarons Madness

Sweet and colorful macarons invade the American party scene. The meringue-based sandwich cookies have been popular in Paris for 150 years, and for good reason: They’re delicious. The macaron trend shows no signs of crumbling as more and more party-goers delightfully learn the difference between a macaron and its coconutty cousin, the macaroon.

Other Trends: Barn weddings and non-traditional venues.



Ugly Sweater Parties

It’s time to pull out Aunt Martha’s handmade holiday sweater. And now you’re not lying when you tell her, “It’s perfect!” Ugly Sweater Parties are the perfect occasion for showcasing your tackiest apparel. From fuzzy snowmen to actual jingle bells, the sweater is the ultimate canvas for holiday cheer. If you don’t already own a festive sweater, hit the thrift stores before the holiday season kicks off. Extra points for shoulder pads and pompoms!

Other Trends: Mismatched bridesmaid dresses and 1920s fashion.



Foodie Fiesta

Food takes center stage as party planners call on innovative chefs to recreate classic comfort foods with gourmet flavor. The foodie culture hit critical mass in 2011 as cooking competitions dominated television networks and food trucks swarmed streets throughout America. The success of a party can be judged by the amount of leftovers. Craft beer and artisanal cocktails replace the keg o’ beer in the backyard. The busy food truck, wheeling out chicken and waffles and fish tacos, replaces the tinfoiled buffet of rice pilaf and soggy vegetables. Custom bags and boxes are great for sending guests home with an end-of-the-night snack.

Other Trends: Wedding websites and cake pops.



Pinterest Party

It’s a game changer. Scouring Pinterest for DIY party ideas has become the first natural step to planning and party. We need more mason jars. More chalkboard paint. More bird cages. Did we mention mason jars? The social bookmarking site is a wealth of inspiration for all occasions. Birthday parties, wedding receptions and baby showers have never been more adorable. In addition to party ideas, Pinterest is also great for discovering stylish nail polish trends, extravagant braids and inspirational quotes. Speaking of Pinterest… Check out what we’ve been Pinning!

Other Trends: Sparkles, sparklers and Trash-the-Dress photo shoots.



Gangnam Style

Move over, Chicken Dance. Psy took the world by storm in 2012-13 with his Gangnam Style music video and funky-fresh dance moves. Wedding parties around the globe took to the fad by uploading their own dance videos to YouTube. Like the Macarena and the Cha Cha Slide before it, the Gangnam Style dance craze has already started to fade and will continue its slow burn at wedding receptions for decades to come.

Other Trends: Hand-drawn invitations and gourmet marshmallows.



Gender Reveal Parties

Expecting couples are coming up with creative ways to announce whether they’re having a baby boy or a baby girl. What makes the gender reveal party so exciting is that mom and dad don’t even know, which makes it a complete surprise for everyone. The most popular method of reveal involves visiting a bakery with a sealed note from the doctor. In front of their closest friends and family, the expecting couple cuts into the cake to see whether the inside is blue for boy or pink for girl. Balloon boxes and confetti showers are also popular. Before the reveal, party guests are often asked to make a prediction, which only adds to the party’s suspense.

Other Trends: Sweets displays and tissue decorations.


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