27 Matchbooks

In the movie “27 Dresses”, Katherine Heigl’s character, Jane, is a bridesmaid – not a bride – 27 different times.  She rests her drink on their personalized napkins, finds her seat by reading their customized place cards and even brings home a gift in a beautiful gift bag that reads “Thank you for sharing this special day with us.”  In the old days, she might have been annoyed by the companies that make such memorable products – but we’ve got a message for single women like her: you can use our products, too!

Much like finding the right job, single women must market themselves to meet Mr. Right.  So why use a resume when you can use a matchbook with your name and number?  In the eyes of Sari, owner and founder of ForYourParty.com, if you think you’re worth it, throw them a matchbook to get the sparks flying!  In 2006, Chicago Scene magazine featured 

the company’s personalized matches in their Valentine’s Day issue after Sari gave each of her single friends a book of personalized matches because, well, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.  It’s for the confident, the inspired, and the one’s who want to be remembered for the creative approach to finding someone special. 
But creativity should certainly not be limited to just match-making means.  Businessmen and women can substitute or supplement their business cards with matches – something usefuland informative.  Just remember, every time your gift receiver lights something – anything – they’ll see your personalized message and think of you.  So, Katherine Heigl, although it’s not your wedding, your life’s a party and we hope you’ll live it up like it’s never going to end!
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