5 unique hostess gifts

Whether you were invited to a wine tasting, birthday party, or housewarming event, it’s a great gesture to bring a gift for your hostess. After all, if you and the other guests receive personalized gift bags, shouldn’t the hostess get a treat as well? Traditionally, guests bring a bottle of wine, flowers, or even an appetizer to contribute to the table. If you want to think more outside-the-box, switch things up and give the hostess any of these unique gifts that she’s guaranteed to love:

Personalized coasters
If the hostess often entertains friends and family, give her something that she is able to use on a frequent basis. Custom coasters are a fun way to bring personality to the party while also being practical for protecting tables from frosty glasses. If you’re feeling extra crafty, you could even make your own cork coasters using some craft paint, vinyl letters, masking tape and a stencil brush. Make them with letters, dots, or even stripes, like is demonstrated by Oh So Very Pretty.Tie a stack of them up with colorful ribbon and present them to the hostess for a gift with just the right amount of personality.


Taper candles
Candles help set a warm and welcoming mood, which means they make great gifts for people who frequently entertain. But instead of opting for a scented variety, try taper candles. This ensures that you won’t have to run the risk of picking out a scent that the hostess won’t like. Choose a range of colors so that they can match any home decor. Here is a beautiful pastel set of taper candles from Oceanswept on etsy.


Wine pearls
Instead of using ice cubes to cool your wine, which will ultimately water down your drink, present the hostess with wine pearls. These stainless steel pearls are kept in the freezer, and then added to your wine or other cocktails to keep them chilled during parties. This way, if the hostess forgets to put the pinot grigio in the fridge, she won’t have to panic – just slip in a few pearls! Look at these beautiful pearls from SPARQ Home.


Grilling planks
Grilling planks give fish that great, natural smoky flavor. Many backyard barbecues use these to cook up fish like salmon. The only problem is that these boards are not reusable. So save your hostess a trip to the store and present her with a few extra boards. You could even tie them up with some fresh herbs that she can use in her cooking for a beautiful, yet practical wrapping. You can find grilling planks online, oftentimes they come in sets, similarly to these from Outdoor Gourmet.


Slate and chalk
Offer the hostess a trendy gift that she is able use over and over. A slate and chalk is all your hostess will need to serve up appetizers like cheese and bread. All you have to do is stick the food onto the slate and write the name underneath it. A slate is especially perfect for wine tasting parties, because all of the cheese varieties can be easily identified and people won’t have to keep asking which wine goes with which cheese. Not to mention that this gift looks gorgeous in use, as seen here from Wit & Whistle.


Just be creative and add a touch of personality to any gift you choose to give to ensure that it is unique, special, and appreciated.

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