A male friend of mine recently asked if men ever ordered ForYourParty products.  After much pondering, I realized that it’s not very obvious how men, who are generally less detail-oriented
than women, can utilize our products without losing their masculinity. 

1. They can personalize matches to hand out to women with whom they wish to exchange numbers. The matchbook can provide their name and number for a simple and confident way to meet people (and have them remember you).
2. Gift-giving! Most men we know struggle with what to buy their mothers and grandmothers and sisters, etc…With Mother’s Day right around the corner, our gift sets are perfect for those who simply don’t know what to give.
3. In-house bars are very common among our male customers. Napkins to decorate these bars, which are oftentimes in basements, read “John’s Basement Bar” or “It’s five o-clock somewhere!”. One of our favorites that is perfect for men reads “Alcohol is our worst enemy, but God says to love your enemy.”
4. The men’s realm is replete with BBQs, tailgates, poker nights and sports parties – and a lot of them personalize it with their favorite team’s logo and a short message.  Here in Chicago, for example, this is the year to print the Cubs logo with a message of how long they have avoided a World Series win (100 years…but who’s counting?)

5. Business men are likely to spend money to make money, and coasters can help. Think of them as a more useful business card to treat to clients and visitors. Something like “Jim’s Online Consulting, doing business since 1995” is perfect to place a drink on during business meetings.
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