A delectable way to share memories!

Over the last month our thoughtful president designed a family recipe book on Tastebook.com. She began with a “version 1” recipe book compiled in 1991 at an initial Family Reunion by relatives from France, Brazil, Israel, New Zealand and all over the United States. Using those recipes that date back to the early 1900’s and additional recipes of her own kitchen creations she devotedly entered each recipe in the easy to use data entry program on Tastebook.com.

The finished book is a considerate marvel that her far-flung family will receive at their upcoming BBQ Reunion.  The great looking recipe book  will not only last for years to come but can be expanded with every generation.

Tastebook.com makes it possible for family members to add recipes a page at a time and additionally let’s anyone invited, purchase the recipe book or extra page at their leisure.

Tastebook.com also offers an endless assortment of recipes for you to choose from when filling up your own personal cookbook. It’s a perfect gift for a newly engaged couple, a friend who may need some 30-minute meals for their busy lifestyle, or for your self!

Tastebook.com automatically links to the best recipe websites and can merge your favorite picks instantly to the layout of your choice. You can spend minutes or hours being an artistic genius in the land of cookbook designing.

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