A look inside Sari’s travels abroad

Mail-Attachment-6For Your Party President Sari Mintz recently jetsetted across the globe to Israel and Jordan. Her trip was full of excitement and cultural sights as she visited Old World cities, museums, markets and beaches. Here’s a peak into Sari’s travels abroad:

Vacation abroad
Sari went on vacation to Israel and Jordan to catch up with old friends and see family members. Additionally, she made time to visit many of the historical sights in the region.

“I lived in the Sinai Desert many years ago when it was part of Israel and it was a special time for me and I still have many friends there,” she explained.

Cultural traditions
During the trip, Sari took part in many cultural traditions such as visiting Jerusalem’s Old City, the Temple Mount and the Wailing Wall. She said she was able to explore places that represent many cultural backgrounds, including people of Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths.

Most memorable
One of the places that Sari visited was the lost city of Petra, located in Jordan. The once bustling trade center was in near ruins for years, but in the 1800s it was discovered by a European traveler. The site is so prominent it was named one of the Seven Wonders of the World in 2007. Sari toured the lost city and inadvertently became part of its history.

When asked what was the most memorable part of her trip she said, “Probably Petra because we got caught in a 150 year snow storm in a country where they rarely get rain, let alone snow. We got snowed in and had to hire drivers to get us over the mountain and back to Aqaba to cross the border back to Israel.”

Color trends
During her stay, Sari noticed a few color trends that can be incorporated into your home or party planning decor. While The Middle East is dry and arid, the markets provide a stark contrast, as they are filled with deep red, purple and copper tones.

Final thoughts
Sari also noted how cosmopolitan Israel is, which makes it a great travel destination for anyone. If you ever get a chance to visit, head to the Moroccan quarter in Tel Aviv and bring back hummus to serve at your next dinner party.

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