A tri-athlete amongst us!

Our fearless leader really emphasized the fearless in her title this weekend when she finished her first Triathlon! In Lake Geneva, Wisconsin she swam 1/2 mile, biked 14 miles and ran a 5K (3.2) miles! 

This was not a spur of the moment decision; Sari has been training for the Big Foot Triathlon for the last 5 months. Sari already had a phenomenal work out routine that was seriously stepped up to prepare for this one-day endeavor. In addition to her regular boot camp and running schedule she added long distance biking, long distance running and morning long distance swims.

Though she may not have finished first in her age group she is absolutely first in our minds and hearts for her dedication and determination to not only train hard but also confidently achieve her long-term goal of competing in a Triathlon. We know this will not be her last.

Congratulations Sari you are an inspiration to us all! We are so proud of your amazing accomplishment!

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  1. So proud and excited for you, Sari….you glow, girl!Kimberly Kolodziejski

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