All about bridesmaids: Wedding etiquette for the bride

Your bridesmaids – your chosen go-to-girls – are often a huge help in keeping you calm, cool and collected before your big day. So make sure you treat them with care, even if they’ll totally understand when you have your infrequent bridezilla moments. Here are some elements of etiquette for working with your bridesmaids:

On dresses
Some brides want their maids to wear the same ensemble, while others prefer that they mix it up a bit – either choice is fine.¬†Bridesmaids sometimes want some input, but it’s okay to let them know that you’ll make the final decision on your big day. Be mindful of your girls’ budgets – don’t choose a dress that’s $1,000 if you know some of them can’t afford it unless you plan on paying for part of it. There are surely some great options at reasonable prices.

On gifts
Even if you’re on a tight budget, gifts for your bridesmaids are a must. Chances are, they’ve gone above and beyond to help you prep for a perfect day, so give them even a small gift in personalized gift bags laced with custom ribbon to show them how much you appreciate their support. A good budget-friendly gift is a beautiful¬†photo frame with a picture of the two of you together, or some elegant jewelry (like Kate Spade earrings) that match your color palette but are also on-trend and wearable in the future.

On communication
One problem that brides frequently run in to is that they don’t have room in their wedding party for a friend whose wedding they were in. Though this can make you uncomfortable, Martha Stewart Weddings suggests being upfront with your friend – let her know as soon as possible in case she’s waiting around for the bridesmaid invite. And if you can, find something else she can do at the reception or ceremony to be part of your big day.

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