Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!

Brightly colored team shirts and hats are being pride fully worn as football season gets underway. Football encourages good friends to become mortal enemies for approximately three and a half hours. It begs for frenzies to burst out on Sunday afternoons in apartments, bars and stadiums across the country.

Whether it’s get-togethers that get kicked off when a favorite College team is playing or if an amazing NFL match-up is being broadcast, scrumptious food is a staple accessory! It’s time to roll out the crock-pot, invite friends and family over to indulge in nachos, hot wings, bacon wrapped anything and some kind of BBQ pulled meat!

We suggest additional accouterments for your events such as Team themed napkins, stir stick skewers and catch all coasters. Follow this link to start designing your festivities touchdown favors:

Images provided by ForYourParty
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  1. musou says:

    I am the super football fan.Yes.These personalized napkins look very pretty.I want every color of napkin for myself.

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