Awesome anniversary party decor

If you’re throwing an anniversary party for your parents, grandparents or other family members, there are many ways that you can use decor to make it special and personal. Here are some of our best ideas:

Color scheme
One fun idea is to choose decor colors based on the anniversary gifts dictated by tradition. For example, on their 25th anniversary, couples should receive (or gift each other with) something made of silver. On their 30th​, a gift should be made of pearls, on their 40th​,  rubies, on their 45th​, sapphire, and gifts for the 50th anniversary should involve gold.

So when you order personalized napkins, no-fuss champagne flutes and custom coasters, choose a color scheme and graphics that match the traditional anniversary gift. Check out the rest of our products to make an anniversary celebration truly special.

Black and white photo poster
Another idea we love is to create a giant poster for guests to sign. In the middle of the poster, arrange black and white photos of the honored couple into the number of years they are celebrating together. Have it framed to make it something the long-lasting couple can hang in their home to remember everyone who loves them.

Whimsical memory walk
If you’re hosting the party in an outdoor space, you can create a memory walk of the couples’ years spent together. We love this sweet “Walk Our Story” idea, with picture frames hung on a walk through the trees. Each tree can signal a special event or one year in the couples’ lives together, depending on how long they’ve been married and how many photos you have. You can also set this up indoors with hanging photos throughout the location.

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