We call it a Barbie-Q because it’s grilling like a girl.  You don’t just want the meat, right?  You want it to look pretty and to show a part of your personality.  Look no further – we’ve got just the solution.
Our Barbie-Q stir sticks are great for any party drinks – be it indoor or outdoor. But they also double as shish-kabobs, which you can use to mix-and-match your favorite vegetables and meat to serve an aesthetically-pleasing party snack.  You can transform

your boring shish kabob (see above) into a snack that literally says something (see right).  

For your summer barbeque, try “The Main St. annual BBQ” or “Nice to meat you,” or even a simple image such as a palm tree or a sun to entertain your guests with these food tchotchkes.  If you are preparing for multiple parties on your poolside deck, stick with something that can be used for each party, such as “Summer 2008” or “It’s pool-thirty!”.  Aside from being clever, the sticks measure about five to six inches, a size that allows a generous portion of food for a group of people.  Plan for two to three sticks of shish kabobs per person at each event. 
Happy party planning, Barbie-Q master!  May all of your veggies be fresh and your meat be tender.
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