Wedding trend-setters have said that Asian-themed weddings will be popular this summer. Did delphine set that trend or follow it?  We think she set it. is proud to be featuring two lines from stationary designer delphine.  Her Ginko line, a design that falls in between the floral and the Asian, is one we think will make a splash in the summer stationary of the trendiest and most beautiful weddings.  Amelie is another beautiful motif for parties in a garden setting where browns and pastels complement each other. In fact, both designs are perfect with a brown and pastel color scheme. 
Delphine has a long repertoire of stationary designs.  She was the first 5-year old on her block to have an X-Acto knife and T-square, and her passionate designs reflect that experience.  Her work reflects the serene, the divine and the foliage of beautifully-kept gardens, a trend that will surely prevail in the coming months.    
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