At, vintage and floral meditate in harmony. The creative flow from the antique to the pastel world of spring and summer are inspirational for this year’s wedding stationary trends – and we want you to know who makes them.  
Tina Givens, founder and designer of Cid Pear, uses watercolor to design each of her personal stationary products.  The Lavender Bride, one of her most popular designs, evokes a classic feeling of a garden locale for this season’s purple-schemed wedding trends. 
Send your Bridesmaids a “thank you” with a design that shows appreciation for femininity and feminine colors or,  to decorate the party itself, her flower burst design can be personalized by the bride and groom for their wedding guests.
Givens is a world-traveled human being who was born into an English family living in South Africa.  A boundless sea of colors permeate her work and we are glad to showcase the antiquity and beauty of her floral stationary.  It’s unique for not only your party but also for this summer.  
Read her blog for more updates on her designs.  

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