Budget-friendly bouquets and blooms

Many couples are surprised by the cost of floral arrangements and bouquets for their wedding. If you’re trying to stick to a strict wedding budget but can’t bear to host flower-free nuptials, there are several ways to cut costs while still having beautiful blooms on your wedding day. Here are some ideas that could save you time, money, and heartache in the long run.

Communicate with your florist
Be upfront with your florist. Let him or her know your budget and ask that he or she helps you stay within it. When the florist knows your maximum amount at the beginning, this can save you from a sticky situation farther down the road.

Revival Photography

Revival Photography

Splurge where you need
Prioritize. The bridal bouquet is likely the most important to you, followed by the bridesmaid bouquets. Does anyone even look at the groomsmen’s boutonnieres? Not really, so opt for tiny, less expensive blooms, stalks or greenery for the men.


Stay in season
Stick with flowers that are in season and local to your area. In a Martha Stewart Weddings post, Maxine Siu, owner of Stem in San Francisco, showed off a beautiful spring bouquet she made for $50 using parrot tulips, anemones and ranunculus – all curated locally and in season in the spring in Northern California. Take some inspiration from this spring bouquet featured on Ruffled Blog.


Pick pieces that can serve multiple purposes
Rather than having lavish floral centerpieces, have elegant potted plants that can do double-duty by serving as favors for guests to take home. For the head table, let bridesmaids’ bouquets also serve as table centerpieces by providing vases. Here’s an example of how to integrate small potted succulents into centerpieces that could also serve as favors for your guests.


Go big or go home
Choose big blooms. Martha Stewart Weddings says that using big flowers means you’ll need less of them and thus will be able to save money. We like bright yellow or lime green spider mums, simple sunflowers and large silky peonies. Try these ideas for single bloom centerpieces, from Bow Ties and Bliss.


Go directly to the source
Martha Stewart Weddings recommends finding a local farmer or association and buying directly from that person. You’ll likely have to be adept at making arranging your own bouquets or find a friend to do it, but this is a great option for those with talented friends and family members who also want to save quite a bit of money. Make your bridal and bridesmaids bouquets even more special by tying them with high-quality custom ribbon.

Luke Simon Photography

Luke Simon Photography

Whether you need to save money or want to cut floral costs to spend more on personalized gift bags for your guests, use the tips above to still have a fabulous wedding that fits your style.

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