Can, can, can you do the Mexican-can?

What is the history of a color-schemed wedding? When our grandmothers were married, they certainly didn’t have limited colors, but now the tradition says you must have at least three or four basic colors. What is the result if you don’t follow protocol?

Erin’s recent trip to Guadalajara, Mexico for a Mexican wedding gave her a glimpse of a wedding without a four-color palatte. “It seemed as though the ceremony was more focused on the couple than the color scheme,” she said. 

The bright array of colors that flooded the ceremony and then the reception were very reminiscent of Mexican weddings. Instead of choosing only a few colors, the bride and groom took advantage of the stained glass in the background of the church, not to mention that the light from the West was unimpeded by windows. The church did not have closed doors or windows and the ambience had an airy and sunny feeling! Erin said that one of the most notable aspects of this wedding (and given the warm, delicious climate of Guadalajara) was the time of day: 6 pm. With the sun setting at 8:30, the two and half hours of gorgeous sunlight shone on and enhanced the rainbow of colors that the couple left open with leaf green plants, stained glass (and the precious flower girls’ dresses below!).

At the reception, the bright colors were used in large floral arrangements as guests were greeted at the 3-acre reception site. Then for a little variation, as the party went from day to night, the dance floor was transformed into luminescent purple/blue colors that took all 400 guests’ breaths away!

Upon returning to the U.S., Erin feels inspired by the absence of restricted colors. The Mexican bride and groom took full advantage of the surroundings of both the church and the reception area, using light and the hues of flowers and plants to appease the eye. Erin suggests mixing a combination of bright colored napkins to do the same at summer weddings in the U.S.  Instead of forcing a color combination, let it arise in the ambience of where your special day will be held! 

Special thanks to Gaby and Carlos for sharing their special day with ForYourParty!
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