Since carpooling is green and cheap, the ForYourParty team has jumped on the wagon.  It’s a good opportunity to get to know your colleagues under no stress and to talk about things other than work.

As two of our colleagues drove home yesterday, they discussed art and its importance in society.  “Look around us,” said Rachel.  “There, that awning, that is art.  The menu in that restaurant is art.  Even if you can’t appreciate art, you have no choice; it’s what illustrates our society.”
The odd thing is, art, by that definition, has been around since the beginning of mankind.  But somehow, people have never tired of it or lost the inspiration that keeps them mixing and matching shapes, designs and, most importantly: colors.  Then, this morning, as the same person arranged our cocktail napkins into an organized colored napkins display, we began talking about our favorite colors.  Is it art or simply colors that illustrate life as we know it?  
Today it’s raining and grey is the consensual color that life has provided us (outside, at least). Inside, however, we’re blessed by the brilliance of a beautiful array of colors.  Liz’s favorite napkin color is Tiffany because it matches her 1962 vintage couch while Lesley prefers Turquoise and Merlot for no particular reason.  Which of our 41 napkin colors inspires life in you?
  1. Henrietta says:

    The idea that art is all around us reminds me of a famous Nietzsche quote: “Only as an aesthetic phenomenon are existence and the world justified.”

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