Carve-free pumpkin decorating ideas

Not only can carving a pumpkin make a huge mess, it can also be a time consuming process. You have your customized party bags ready for your Halloween bash, now cut back on a few hours of decoration prep. Here is how to dress up your pumpkins without using a knife:

Use vibrant solids and interesting prints to wrap your pumpkin and gourds. Pick up an assortment in varying shapes to create fun patterns. If you’re extra crafty, you can make your own interlocking plaid design on large pumpkins. Also, cut up fabric in place of ribbon if you find a must-have motif.

There are endless ways you can use paint to decorate pumpkins. A classic approach is using a metallic spray paint to cover the rind and stem. But there is no limit your color options. Use what works best for you and matches your home’s interior design or the color story of your party.

There’s no need to paint the whole pumpkin. Of course, using black you can create the iconic Jack-O’-Lantern grin or a scary landscape. But make things easy for yourself by using stencils or cookie cutters for iconic Halloween images. Also, you can cover the pumpkin with chalkboard paint and write a new message everyday. This would be a good pumpkin to set outside so passersby can enjoy your work.

During Halloween, there is always an abundance of candy lying around. Use some of it to decorate your pumpkin. You can design an intricate mosaic, pattern or write a haunting saying. Be sure to use edible glue that can be made with melted chocolate, royal icing and other ingredients.

Another playful pumpkin decoration is glued-on flowers. Choose botanicals that emulate the colors of fall and cover the entire squash. For a layered look, only add flowers to a few pumpkins.

If your party is more glam and less frightening, you can make a stylish design on your pumpkin. Using gold or silver tacks create starbursts, your initials or other imaginative designs. Look around your home and see what else you have to decorate. You can use jewels, buttons, googly eyes left over from a craft project and more.

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