Mimosa Bridal Brunch

We love our weekends! Even more, we love weekend brunches. Best of all, we love bridal Mimosa brunches. Brunch is a great time to enjoy good food in the company of great friends. Think weekend morning: your favorite people, delicious finger food, light cocktails, flowers and lots of light and laughter. Top it with some […]

Incorporating Leather into your Party

  Leather, one of everyone’s all time favorite materials oozes luxury and elegance without much effort. Incorporating leather into a special event such as a wedding, engagement or anniversary celebration can add an unexpected touch of sophistication and class. Combining a feminine and masculine aesthetic, using fonts and imprint colors, perfectly reflect both the bride […]

Anniversaries gift ideas by year

Do you have an anniversary coming up and are at a loss for what to gift your significant other? You could always go with the traditional anniversary gifts, but how about spicing up your gifts and giving them a more modern twist? We’ve got some great ideas for you! 1st Anniversary: Paper In honor of […]

Real Parties: 50th Anniversary

This week we’re sharing a classic 1920’s, Gatsby themed Anniversary party, beautifully designed by our very own design team using a rich black accented with metallic golds and shiny silvers to fill the entire suite with life and personality. Start off with a bang with our beautiful Luxe Crystal White Luncheon Napkins and Shiny Gold […]


This September the 11th will mark the 10 Year anniversary of the Twin Towers tragedy; a day that forever changed the lives of every American and brought us closer together as a country.The following information is provided by http://patriotsquestion911.com/survivors.html a website that offers posts about the men, women, and family members affected by 9/11.“An estimated […]