XOXO, ForYourParty

Happy Valentine’s Day from ForYourParty! Did you have a fancy dinner to celebrate with your S.O. this past weekend? Planning one tonight? Maybe you surrounded yourself with your besties for a little Galentine’s brunch—or are looking forward to one of the many, many local events being offered. Whatever your preferred celebratory style might be, we hope you do […]

Galentines for Valentines

Alright, ladies. Real talk. It’s February—that time of year where we may be tempted to feel a little single lady self-pity. But let’s channel our inner Leslie Knope and remember that there is so much to celebrate here. That’s right, we’re thinking Galentines. It’s time to round up all your best lady friends (single or […]

Valentine’s Day Brunch

Here’s a little something to put you in the Valentine’s Day mood! Ditch the boys and have a day full of your best girlfriends. This perfectly pink and gold themed brunch is one of the most adorable ideas for a Valentine’s Day party we’ve seen, so we’re taking notes. Plan your own ‘Galentine’s Day’ brunch […]

Valentine’s Day Card Inspiration

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about what you will send to that special person in your life.

DIY Envelopes

If you’re anything like us, you love all things DIY. Which is why we want to show you some clever ways to dress up your envelopes, or even make your own! Since Valentine’s day is coming up, we thought this was especially appropriate. Hope you feel as inspired as we do after seeing all of […]

Love on a budget!

Valentines day is a few short lovely weeks away and we’re sharing our tender suggestions to save money but still spend that special day in a special way with your honey! Whether you’re sharing Valentine’s Day with your best friend, a group of couples, or on a couch with a heart shaped cookie for two […]

Lovely loving designs for any month!

Our sweet pocket sized designer Laura recently created new delightful designs to share your messages of love. The kissing ducks are perfect for a reception matchbox, the twin seat bicycle sends the ideal message at a date party and the “I love you” fortune cookie looks edible and adorable on coasters to toss around the […]