Celebrate years of hard work with a retirement party

It’s important to celebrate pivotal moments in people’s lives. Retirement is one of those occasions to throw a party to the mark ending and beginning of a new era. Take these tips into consideration when honoring a friend embarking on a new life journey.

Theme – Unless the event will be a surprise party, you might want to consult with the guest of honor about the type event he or she might prefer. Does the retiree have a special hobby? If so, that could be the theme of the bash. For example, some like to golf because it is a relaxing sport. You can center the party around the theme of spending retirement on the course.

Guest list – Will the evening be a intimate dinner or a boisterous occasion? Think ahead and prepare a guest list filled with with close friends, co-workers and family members. If the party starts to become a big event, recruit some people to help with planning and expenses.

Location – For smaller parties, it’s fine to host the event in the office. Restaurants are another option but can get pricey. However, throwing the party at someone’s home allows you to control the budget.

Save-the-date cards aren’t only for someone’s upcoming nuptials. When the customization is up to you, they can feature whatever design or message you like. Send photo postcards with a picture of the guest of honor that can also serve as a memento of the occasion.

Toast – Sometimes a simple toast is all someone needs to feel special. Prepare your speech in advance so you don’t leave out anything you wanted to say. Call a few of his or her coworkers ahead of time to suggest that they offer some words of advice or encouragement.

Slideshow – Go through your collection of images of the guest of honor that built up over the years. Put on your curator hat and choose a mix of happy, funny and exciting photos. You can set them to a slideshow with music to boot.

Have everyone pool funds to offer a nice gift to the retiree. Often the present takes the form of a vacation to a relaxing place. However, it’s really the thought that counts, so a gift certificate to a spa or a few rounds of golf is appropriate as well.

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