Choosing a bouquet that complements your style

Whether you’re walking down the aisle in a full ball gown or a simple, straight silhouette, your flowers don’t have to match that same look. The bouquet you choose is really a matter of personal preference and should reflect your wedding style and personality rather than your dress. In many ways, your flower arrangements are a lot like your wedding dress – they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and it may take a few tries to find the one that was meant for you. Here are some general guidelines to choosing the perfect bouquet:

Keep your bouquet relative
While your arrangement should reflect your personal style, it should also work with your body type. For example, taller women often stick to longer arrangements, like cascade bouquets or arm sheafs​, to complement their frames. Women who are shorter generally hold onto more compact bouquets, while curvy women look beautiful with fuller flower groupings.

Choose based on meaning
Different flowers hold different meanings, whether it’s love, purity, fidelity, passion or forgiveness. Channel whatever you’re feeling down the aisle through your blooms! Here are just a few popular flowers and the meanings behind them:

Red roses: Love and desire
White roses: Purity and innocence
Lily of the Valley: Renewed happiness and humility
Daisies: Innocence, loyal love and purity
Anemones: Sincerity, fragility
Lilacs: First love

Consider your color scheme
Many brides choose to have their arrangements reflect the colors of their big day. Choose various hues of one shade to create a bouquet that stands out while still coordinating with the color palette of your special day.

Personalize your blooms
If you want a bouquet that carries special meaning and significance, you can personalize it by adding a few mementos. Items like earrings, brooches, family heirlooms and custom ribbon are perfect for being pinned to the bouquet wrap for a bit of sparkle and sentimentality.

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