Christmas party planning checklist

Because Christmas is such a huge occasion, it requires lots of planning. If it’s your turn to host your entire family, set yourself up for success. Write a checklist detailing everything you need to get done. Not sure where to start? Use this guide as inspiration.

One month before
Set your budget – Budgets aren’t just for wedding planning. These handy spreadsheets help you stay on track so you know how many people to invite and how to organize the menu.

Guest list – Once you have your budget set the number of people you can afford to have over. Start with family members and close friends. Then make your way out to distant relatives and acquaintances.

Book vendors – If you will be outsourcing any of the food, drinks or decorations, give vendors enough lead time to prepare everything. Get quotes early on and send in the deposits, if need be. At this point you can order customizable goodie bags to hold leftovers and favor boxes to store sweets for your guests.

Three weeks before
Send invitations –  These days everyone is used to digital invites. But people are really excited when they see a customized invitation in the mail.

Plan menu – Whether you cater dinner or make it yourself, write the entire menu on a personalized card. This will make guests feel like they are in a swanky venue, even though you just put a few extra touches on the decor. Also, consider customizing place cards with a festive holiday message.

Two weeks before
Decorate – You won’t set up all your party decorations this early, but you do want to transform your home to resemble the spirit of the season. Arrange garlands on your mantel and hang up your stockings too. This is also the time to decorate the tree with ornaments, tinsel and lights.

One week before
Cleaning – Go through your home and give it a good deep cleaning. Mop the floors, dust all surfaces and clean out your first-floor closet – you’ll need room to hang all the guests’ coats. Additionally, be sure the bathroom everyone will use is stocked with all the necessary toiletries.

Shopping – Head to the grocery store and purchase all of your groceries. Do this ahead of time because you want to give yourself wiggle room in case a particular store is out of one of the items on your list.

The day before
Setup – Wake up early to get the main dishes in the oven. Then, as everything is cooking, you can assemble the rest of the decorations. If you planned correctly you won’t have too much to do, and then you can enjoy spending time with all of your guests.

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