Cocktails, Confetti, and Cake – OH MY!

My brother is GETTING MARRIED! I can’t handle the excitement and was so happy to be a part of the shower planning committee with other close family members.  Where to start planning?

Personalized Wedding Scallop Coasters

Personalized Scallop Coasters with Shiny Gold Foil

The most important event goal was to have FUN. This party had to express the couple’s brightest character. They are both so fun. They are silly, caring, whole hearted people, who love to drink… WINE. The couple’s second best quality, is their taste in fine wine and delicious snacks. With the two powers combined, how can we have anything but a classy and exciting event?

Let’s throw a great party!

Step One: Pick a venue. So easy, right? Ha! But finding a place that will represent the happy couple and accommodate all the needs of the party can be a challenge. Team MCWING crushed it with the Black and Tan Grill in Downtown Green Bay, WI. The lounge was a perfect balance of casual and classy. With large windows, the typical bar was bright and sunny for an afternoon gathering. The space held guests well, had an amazing bar and staff to push delicious spirits in our glasses. If you are in the Green Bay/ Fox Valley area, I highly recommend this venue for your event.

Step Two: Decorate to AMAZE! We had the bones of the venue to support the party. Now we just needed to sprinkle the party with pretty things to complement.  Our Kate Spade inspired party left the colors to black, white, gold and pops of plum and corals. I started with fun napkins. It was easy finding these colors, and fun putting personalized graphics on the napkins. I took it upon myself to add the couple’s wedding handle for Instagram, hoping partygoers would attach any fun pictures to the shower. IT WORKED!

Personalized Plum Cocktail Napkins with Gold Foil

Personalized Plum Cocktail Napkins with Gold Foil

Personalized “Advice to the Bride & Groom” Coasters

I also couldn’t resist straw tags and stir sticks. We used our stir sticks for the coffee more than mixed drinks. Since wine was the drink of the afternoon, and we had many non-drinkers that we still wanted to decorate.

Personalized Stardream Super Gold Straw Tags with Matte Black Foil

Personalized Stardream Super Gold Straw Tags with Matte Black Foil

Personalized Rectangle Stir Sticks

Personalized Rectangle Stir Sticks with Gold Foil

Can you have too much confetti? The answer is no. Too many things can be done with paper. My hoarding reflexes had me make confetti garland with all the leftover paper that wasn’t needed to sprinkle on all the tables. The plus side was that confetti was large, so the bar didn’t want to kill me for sprinkling it everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE.

Personalized Wedding Cocktail Napkins


Step Three: Invite fun people. But really, all people who love and support you will make your day and event to remember.  This party was not only filled with wonderful local family and friends, but there was some surprise appearances from out of town family to help make the day.



Overall, the party was a huge SUCCESS! I met many great people, who I can’t wait to see again through other wedding related events. It was a great kick-start to the couples wedding adventure. Another shout out to my brother and his soon to be wifey, so happy to be a part of your big day (and events leading up to). Love you FOREVER!


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