Color series: dressing the wedding party

In For Your Party’s fourth color series installment, we’ll highlight a subtle yet chic color scheme from Perfect Palette: powder blue, gray and white. These colors can easily and stylishly be worked into the bride’s dress, the groom’s suit, and the bridal party and groomsmen’s outfits. To help you formulate some ideas, we have a few tips that will ensure that your color palette in well integrated into you, your groom, and your wedding party ensembles.


Since she is the focal point of the wedding procession, we will start with the bride.

Dress – If you are going the traditional route, you’ll want a white gown to wear on your wedding day. However, you can easily incorporate other parts of your color scheme into your dress without giving up on tradition. Silver embellishments like gemstones and crystals can serve as the gray part of your gown. As for the powder blue, you could add a ribbon in this hue to the waistline of your dress for a hint of color, as seen here from Magnolia Rouge. Or you can wear long satin gloves in this subtle hue.


Jewelry – Brooches are often worn with wedding gowns for their antique look and sentimental value (if they were passed on to you by a family member). You could try wearing a brooch on your gown with a hint of blue in the gemstone. Or if your wedding gown has a simple bodice, you can wear a jeweled necklace with a large powder blue stone.

Hair – A powder blue flower is a timeless accent piece. Find a bloom with a bit of lace and opaque beads worked into the faux flower, and place it at the top of your bun. You can also wear a silver headpiece like a tiara or a jeweled headband. Take some floral inspiration from The Natural Wedding Co, pictured below.


To better incorporate your color scheme, have your groom wear a three-piece suit so he has more color options.

Suit – If the groom is wearing a suit, he can accent the look with a powder blue vest. Just a hint of this color with a gray or black jacket and pant set will highlight the color scheme without overpowering the look. However, if the groom is wearing more formal attire, like a tuxedo, the color theme can also be worked in. For example, he can wear a jacket with a contrasting lapel that features the powder blue color. The groom’s bow tie can also be gray or blue. You could also have the groom subtly hint at the color scheme by wearing blue-hued pieces, as is featured on Ruffled.


Extras – Depending on the overall theme of your wedding, you can incorporate some extras into the groom’s look. For example, a top hat would be a fun twist on the groom’s formal outfit.

Bridal Party
The bridal party is where you can have fun working with your wedding color theme.

Dress – For the ladies’ dresses, you can choose one solid hue or let them wear a gradient of colors. For instance, you may want the gals to wear powder blue dresses in a variety of silhouettes that are all the same length. For a contemporary approach to bridesmaid dresses, mix and match the looks so each bridesmaid gets a dress that looks best on her. But if you want to be even trendier, you can have the gals wear different colors altogether. So if you have six bridesmaids, three of them can wear powder blue and the other three can wear gray. Or you can opt for a gradient effect and select dresses in light, medium and dark gray. Additionally, both gray and blue can be utilized in the same bridesmaid dress with a contrasting ribbon at the waistline. Here is an example of how bridesmaids can wear different color dresses, from The Wedding Chicks.


Jewelry – Bridesmaids jewelry may be simple, because the attention should be kept on the bride and groom. However, find some chic accessories. A powder blue and silver bracelet is a nice addition to strapless and sleeveless dresses.

Hair – If the bride is wearing a large flower in her hair, the bridesmaids can wear smaller blooms in their updos.

The groomsmen can look identical to the groom, however, if their outfits are different then the groom becomes the focal point of attention.

Suit – The groomsmen can wear light gray suits with powder blue ties for day weddings. For evening or more formal nuptials, the groomsmen can wear a suit in a contrasting hue of that of the groom. For example, if the groom is wearing a three-piece suit with a powder blue vest, then the groomsmen can wear a two-piece suit with a standard gray tie. The key is to add contrast so the wedding guests’ eyes are drawn to the bride and groom.


Extras – Another place to add color to the groomsmen’s outfits is with boutonnieres. Find powder blue blooms, pair them with a bit of baby’s breath and wrap the bunch in gray ribbon.



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