Color series: the wedding welcome bag

Need to create a wedding welcome bag for your special, out-of-town guests? ForYourParty’s color series can help you create the ultimate bag that matches your wedding decor and personality. For this edition’s color scheme, we’ll stay true to spring and summer with cool and refreshing tones like Perfect Palette’s Tiffany blue, chartreuse (green with yellow undertones) and white combination.

Here is everything you’ll need to know in order to work this color scheme into your wedding welcome bag:

paletteThe bag
The type of bag you choose will depend on what type of goodies you will be placing inside. You can customize each of the bags to fit your color scheme easily by opting for blue or chartreuse bags with “Welcome!” written in a contrasting hue or white. Or you can select a white bag and write “Welcome to the Wedding!” in blue and chartreuse script font. Here a few example to get you inspired.

Shopping bag – This matte paper bags 8.25-inches wide, 10.5-inches high and 4.33-inches deep, so it can fit a bunch of fun items inside. You can design personalized gift tags with the names of your wedding guests and tie them to the bag handles. This is another great opportunity to incorporate your color scheme. You could select a blue heart tag and write “Thank you for coming!” along with the person’s name.

Euro tote bag – Euro tote bags have a beautiful satin sheen to them. The dimensions are 8-inches wide, 9-inches high and 4.75-inches deep. If you have lots of welcome items for your out-of-town guests, go with this bag. A personalized gift tag would also work with this choice to bring in your color palette.

Lunch bag – Lunch bags are a bit smaller and would be perfect for a few light items. The dimensions are 6-inches wide by 11-inches high by 3.5-inches deep.

Tea favors

Tea favors are great gifts because they can be perfectly customized to fit your wedding color theme. First, head to a boutique tea shop and pick up a variety of teas your out-of-town guests would love, like English breakfast, Earl Grey, green or herbal blends. You can make your own tea favors covers in your color theme. A chartreuse tea favor with blue font that says “Welcome to the Smith Wedding!” would be both stylish and thoughtful.

Memo pads
Design memo pads with your color theme in mind. You can select a blue or chartreuse for the cover of these small notebooks. You’ll also want to provide your out-of-town guests with a pencil or pen. It’s always helpful to have a place to jot down notes, like directions to the reception venue.

Try putting a range refreshments in your welcome bag, you guests will truly appreciate it. You’ll want to provide your guests with a bottle of chilled water, chips, an energy bar or maybe a sweet treat. You can incorporate blue and chartreuse by looking for snacks with packaging that fits your color scheme. For example, if you want to offer a drink to your guests, find one with a chartreuse liquid or a blue label. If you’re having trouble finding items that fit within your color palette, it may be simpler to add some personalized ribbon to the items instead, to work in your color theme. Design a blue ribbon with the date of your wedding and your names written on the fabric and tie it around the water bottle, chips or energy bar.

Alcoholic beverage – You could even consider providing your out-of-town guests with an adult beverage to enjoy in their hotel room. Head to a wine shop to find small bottles of tasty red and white varietals or Champagne. While you’re at it, you can add some custom disposable Champagne flutes to the welcome bag as well. To stick with you color scheme, tie a striped straw with your personalized ribbon to the neck of the wine bottles for a cute, and on-theme, look. Similarly to these, photographed by Tami Paige Photography.

Candy – Candy is the simplest item to find in your wedding color theme. Jelly beans come in a range of vibrant hues, like those seen below, featured on Wedding Bells, so you’ll be sure to find at least one type of candy on theme. Go online to choose a blue and chartreuse mix, place them into your own transparent cellophane favor bags, and tie them with personalized ribbon. Also, you could consider personalizing M&Ms and putting them in the bag too.

Music playlist – A thoughtful gift would be to provide your guests with a music playlist. You can create a compilation of romantic love songs and fun, pop tunes that you and your future spouse love that will set the perfect mood for the upcoming ceremony and reception. Pick up a blue CD and place it inside a white or chartreuse case to fit your color theme. Or, as seen in the example featured on Project Wedding, you could pick a transparent case to let the color of the CD really shine through. This would also be a great opportunity to use some of that personalized ribbon of yours.

Directions to the venue – If your guests are going to be renting a car, be sure to provide them with easy-to-follow directions to your wedding venues. You can print the directions on colored paper to incorporate your theme. A Tiffany blue sheet of paper with white font would be a nice addition to your welcome bag.

Need more ideas for your upcoming wedding? You’ve come to the right place, ForYourParty has tons of customizable favors to make your nuptials truly unique.

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