Color series: wedding flowers

For our next edition of ForYourParty’s color series we will explore how to incorporate you color palette hues into your floral arrangements. Perfect Palette’s navy blue, shades of pink, and white color theme is the perfect mix of feminine and masculine tones.

Here is everything you need to know in order to work this hot color palette into your bridal bouquet, floral centerpieces and boutonnieres:

The bridal bouquet should always be the main floral focal point during the wedding procession, but the bridesmaids’ should have simpler arrangements.

Bride – To create the perfect, multidimensional arrangement, opt for blooms with a range of textures, sizes and colors. A bouquet with light and dark pink flowers looks great with smaller white and blue blooms. Your arrangement can include a mix of pink, blue or white hydrangeas, asiatic lilies and alstromerias. Or you can go a traditional route and opt for an arrangement with soft pink roses and greenery like pitta negra and bupleurum. To incorporate navy blue, perhaps use  personalized ribbon wrapped around the stems for a subtle effect. You can have the ribbon state your wedding date and your names on it. Depending on the statement you want to make, you can choose from a variety of ribbon sizes. For a subtle effect, opt for a 3/8-inch or 5/8- inch wide ribbon, however, for a ribbon that is more noticeable select a wider width, like 7/8 inch or 1 1/2 inches. Take some inspiration from these bouquets, which incorporate different hues of pink peonies and navy blue ribbon detail.

Bridesmaids – Once you’ve chosen your bridal bouquet, it’s simple to select the arrangement for the bridesmaids to hold while they stand by your side on the alter. Their bouquets should be smaller than yours, so make sure there are less blooms in the arrangement. To achieve this look, choose just one or two different types of flowers to include in the bouquets that still represent the pink color scheme. Try to make the bouquets look as uniform as possible by including the same amount of blooms in each set. Just like the bride’s bouquet, the bridesmaids’ arrangements can be wrapped in a navy blue ribbon with the same wedding date and names. You could also decide to change the color of the bridesmaids’ bouquets to complement the bridal bouquet, as Elizabeth Anne Designs has done below.


Try to keep your boutonnieres simple and understated. Choose one or two of your favorite pink blooms along with a white flower. For a rustic look, you could add a couple twigs before you wrap the boutonnieres up with the navy blue ribbon, as seen on Her Blog. Or you can select a large dark pink flower like a carnation and have the groomsmen wear the bloom on their labels for a whimsical look.


To help your wedding guests feel as though they are a part of the ceremony, you can create extra boutonnieres for them to wear. Set the small floral arrangements on a buffet table along with pins so they can put them on as they enter your wedding venue. However, this may only be practical for small weddings. You could even use the extra boutonnieres for guest escort cards, as seen here.


Flower girl
The flower girl is an important part of the wedding, so take this opportunity to fit the blooms she decorates the venue with to your color scheme as well. Give her a basket filled with pink and white carnation and rose petals. Blue hydrangeas would also fit the color theme well, so be sure to add some of those blooms to her basket.

If you would like, you could ask your florist to create a floral headpiece for the young girl to wear so there is no mistaking that she is, in fact, the flower girl, or just pin a few blooms to her hair. Use this headpiece from The Honey Comb on etsy as inspiration, and make it your own by adding some navy ribbon to incorporate your entire color palette.


Centerpieces are the perfect opportunity to go all out with your color palette, so it’s important to contemplate what type of centerpiece you would like to use during your reception. You can go over the top and create a large arrangement or opt for a simpler setup. Your wedding theme will be able to help you make the decision.

Head table – Head table arrangements are often more elaborate than those on the guest tables. You may want to consider creating a large floral arrangement that makes a grand statement, however, it’s important to not obstruct the view of the people at the head table, so finding the perfect middle ground will be crucial. Think about whether you want multiple small vases or larger containers, the former is more subtle while the latter makes a big impact. For a bit of glam, place the same type of pink and white flowers that were used in the bouquets in textured silver vases with a navy ribbon wrapped around the base. Another option involves finding large navy blue vases and placing your flowers inside those containers. Use this centerpiece by Martha Stewart Weddings as inspiration, as it utilizes various flowers or different pink hues with a navy blue ribbon around the base.


Guest tables – The centerpiece on the guests tables should be similar to those on the head table. A grouping of small vases that mimic what was chosen for the head table would create a consistent design theme. However, since guest tables are often round with more space in the center, you can select wider vases with the same flowers to make memorable centerpieces that incorporate your color and floral theme. You can also pick up tiered cake stands and set small vases filled with blooms on each landing. This centerpiece by Hana Floral Design incorporate navy blue by adding striped ribbon around the base of various hues of pink flowers.


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