Colorful cool cubes!

Want a sweet or savory treat that will also help beat the heat? MAKE ICE! </span

1.Using water* and a flexible ice cube tray, pour ¼ inch of water in the bottom of each cubicle.
2. Insert your choice of thinly sliced fruit such as the colorful kiwi, strawberry, blueberry, orange, lime and cranberry. For a savory cube to plop into a fever-reducing martini or gin & tonic, use green onion, carrot, olives or radish.

3. Pop your partially filled tray in the freezer.

4. After approximately 30 min take out and repeat steps 2 & 3 until each cubicle has been filled to capacity.

5. Keep your flavored cubes frozen until the drink mixing begins.

Perfect compliments to these cubes are personalized stir sticks and napkins. Visit to design and order. For the adventurous ice maker put plastic trinkets such as army men and toys that will be released from their icy jails throughout an outdoor BBQ or beach picnic. Do not add these festive and playful cubes to drinks as they could be accidentally swallowed or ingested.

*Using distilled water that has been boiled once, set aside to cool, boiled a second time and cooled again will rid the water of minerals and air bubbles that cloud ice. Using this “prepared” water will give you the clearest cubes if the ice is frozen in thin layers.

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  1. Love the info about distilled water keeping the ice from being cloudy or air-bubbly!

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