Create a welcome gift bag for your destination wedding

If you’re having a destination wedding, don’t forget to make welcome gift bags for all your guests! As they help prepare your friends and family for your wedding weekend, They are a bit different than regular goodie bags. Here’s all you need to know about building your own welcome bags!

First you need to choose the container that will hold everything you plan to give to your guests. Design personalized bags with the names of you and your future spouse. Or you can write a simple “Welcome Bag” message on them. Make sure you select something big enough to hold what you want to put inside. Our Euro Tote bags are the perfect size and of a higher quality material than your standard goodie bag, so they make a wonderful first impression on your guests.


Local treats – Find some sweet treats and salty snacks from the wedding locale. You can order some items ahead of time or have your wedding planner find them for you. For example, if you’re having a Mexican wedding on the beach you can place some spicy candy in your welcome gift bags. Additionally, this food can serve as a much needed late-night snack during hotel stays. Here is a lovely arrangement of welcome treats from Southern Weddings Magazine.


Refreshments – Don’t forget about providing something for your guests to drink. Place a bottle of water inside the bags and a bottle of soda or juice if you wish as well. Consider providing a specialty drink, like this adorable mini bloody mary kit from Scheme Events. It will add character and is sure to be a hit with your guests! If you want to include a cute something extra, our striped straws or stir sticks would complement this idea perfectly! You could even consider personalizing your own tea favors! We offer three different delicious flavors, take a look!


Pampering products – You want your wedding guests to be comfortable during their trip, so make sure they have what they’ll need. Pack deodorant, sunscreen, lip balm, lotion, slippers and anything else you think they might appreciate.

Toys – Be sure to make separate welcome bags for the kids that are invited to your wedding. Place toys like noisemakers, model airplanes and miniature board games inside.

Tourist items – If you know your wedding guests will have some free time during your wedding, send them on a tour of the town. You can set them up with a map of the area and a list of tourist attractions. Also, you may even want to place a transit card with preloaded fare inside each bag. Try what this bride did and include sunglasses, some treats, postcards, and a magazine with things to do in the area, from Jennifer Eileen Photography. Our luggage tags are a perfect addition to this tourist idea, they keep with the travel theme while also adding an extra dose of personalization.


Souvenir – Consider picking up some souvenirs to place inside the welcome bags. They will be a nice memento for your wedding guests. For example, your guests might enjoy a location-themed coffee mug.

Itinerary – Don’t forget to place a timeline of your wedding’s schedule of events in the bag. You may even want to add a map to the venue if you know your guests will be renting a car.

Contact information – Place a sheet with your contact information in the bag. It should contain the email addresses and phone numbers of you and your spouse-to-be. If anyone is helping you organize the wedding, include their information as well.


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