Crowd-pleasing vino to serve at your wedding

Amid the big day celebration, there are a few things you and your guests will be enjoying: fabulous music, delicious food and of course, vino. There is a certain feel of luxury and sophistication that comes with sipping on wine, which is why the beverage is so popular for weddings. But how do you go about choosing the vino you’ll serve on your special day? Here are a few tips to help you decide:

Taste a variety
You wouldn’t decide on a wedding cake or reception dinner without first tasting it, and the same goes for your wine. One of the best ways to select vino is to taste a variety. Visit wine-store tastings or wine bars, which are perfect for sampling. You could also opt for a different glass of wine each time you head out to dinner. Be sure to jot down which are your favorites. It’s best to make your wine selections at the same time that you’re deciding on the menu. The beverage that you choose should bring out the best in the meal, rather than overpower it. Generally, whites go best with chicken and fish and reds pair well with meats.

One red, one white
Professional wedding planners suggest serving equal amounts of red and white wine, so you can please the palette of everyone attending your wedding. For white wine, a top pick is the sauvignon blanc, a versatile vino that goes will with typical wedding dishes like chicken, seafood, vegetables and salads. Chardonnay is another safe bet, as it continues to be the top-selling wine in the U.S., according to NBC News Today. As for a red option, cabernet sauvignon is a commonly enjoyed one, and is built to be paired with hearty meats. If you’re serving steak at your wedding, you’ll want a wine that will complement its rich flavors. Pinot noir is another perfectly good choice, and goes will with a variety of dishes.

A sparkling wine
Don’t forget about dessert! You’ll want to have a wine that pairs well with sweeter foods, like cake, cupcakes, cookies, pies and brownies. Gravitate toward a vino that has a sweetness that stands up to the cake, or whatever dessert you have chosen. You can’t go wrong with a nice glass of Champagne.

The gift of vino
Send your guests off with their very own bottle of wine that they can enjoy long after your celebration has passed. Choose your favorite, or a variety, and customize the wine label to reflect your wedding theme, date and names. Complete the favor by placing it in a personalized gift bag tied with custom ribbon.

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