Cute and healthy snacks for kids’ birthday parties

When parents send their little one off to a friend’s birthday party, they want their child to have fun and be a kid, but many parents don’t want their children to eat excess sugar or junk food. If you’re throwing a birthday bash for your child, you can probably relate. Luckily, the internet is teeming with cute and creative kid snack ideas that are healthy but fit for birthday party fun. Here are some of our favorites:

Many children love fruit, but it doesn’t exactly scream “birthday party.” Liven it up by adding variety and color. We love this simple fruit rainbow, with pot of “gold” bananas at the end and the addition of marshmallow clouds. This would be really easy to make. Kebobs make everything better – make these cute and simple caterpillar kebobs with green grapes, or add a variety of fruit such as strawberry pieces, pineapple shapes and melon balls to make it more inviting to tiny taste buds. Or, make your child’s favorite character out of fruit – this apple Kermit with a peanut butter dip shouldn’t be too difficult to recreate. Substitute a giant  beach ball fruit cookie for a slice of cake. It’s fun, cheerful, original and maybe a bit healthier than double chocolate fudge cake.

Main meal
If you’re serving more than just snacks at your child’s birthday party, one cute idea is to serve kid-friendly foods with a “mini” twist. We’re digging the idea of mini mac and cheese cups – make them healthier by making mac and cheese from scratch. Or, get kids involved by letting them “decorate” their own mini pizzas with healthy toppings like barbecue chicken, veggies and low-fat cheese.

For a cute twist on sandwiches, serve all of the elements of sandwiches on a skewer: turkey, cheese, bread and lettuce or other veggies, like mini tomatoes. Cut the cheese and bread into shapes with cookie cutters to make it more appealing. Or how about a new rendition of a perennial favorite? Make peanut butter and jelly, or peanut butter, banana and honey “sushi” rollups by flatting bread with a rolling pin, spreading on the ingredients, rolling it up tight and slicing it. Kids are sure to love them.

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