Designer of the Month: Dianna


Please don’t call me a cheese head—although, I do love cheese. But you have to when your grandpa was a dairy farmer and you schedule holidays around a Packers game. Green Bay, not born, but raised!

I ventured all the way to Milwaukee for my first year of college at UWM. One year later, I was in Chicago! Baby steps. I finished my BA in Photography at Columbia College and lived downtown for the ultimate college experience. I spent some time boomeranging back home to Green Bay to earn an Associate’s in Design and Graphics Technology. With all my college learnings combined, I’ve found a happy balance working as a Graphic Designer and Photographer here at ForYourParty!

How would you describe your design style?
My designs tend to be pretty clean and simple. I’m drawn to more neutral palettes and patterns with a splash of color or focal display font. I do enjoy a little vintage flair. Lately, I’ve been more into the hand-lettered skinny fonts like The Hand or Strange Love in combination with some hand lettered script fonts. You can see an example on my personalized Watercolor Cocktail Napkin below. I don’t do the lettering myself, I find a talented buddy for that work.



What’s your favorite FYP product?
My favorite product could be used on any relaxing Saturday…can coolers! Anytime a friend is having a party I demand they allow me to make some can coolers. They are addicting and I love that they are a great take home piece after the party!




Describe your perfect Saturday?
If I’m not visiting an out of town friend on a Saturday, you will find me relaxing with a day drink in my neighborhood. There is a new-ish brewery by my apartment with a café atmosphere and a million board games to play (and great beer of course). If I’m not there, I’m probably across the street watching Beauty and the Beast for the sixth time. “It’s hero time”– Gaston.




If you were a dog, what breed would you be?
If I were a dog I would want to be a pocket dog. I want to be so small I could fit in anything, specifically a travel bag. Then I could travel with my human companion all over the world for free. Don’t worry; my human companion is rich and probably famous.



What’s your favorite travel destination?
I haven’t traveled enough to have a favorite destination. However, living in an urban area, I tend to travel to more rural places to get fresh air and see some natural anomalies.




What’s your favorite Chicago restaurant?
This may be a stretch, but if you can consider garnish a food, then I would say Lost Lake Tiki is my favorite restaurant. You could feed a family with the pineapple that is served in their Tic-Tac-Taxi. Love that place. See you soon.




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