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Cynthia, Graphic Designer, pizza lover

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Where are you from? College? Job at FYP?

When I was young my dad used to play Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” and made sure to let me know that it was because I was born in Uptown Chicago. Born and raised here, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

Usually people take college as the opportunity to move out and go to a university out of the city, but I chose to stay here and attended DePaul University. It wasn’t until my sophomore year did I realize I want to major in Graphic Design. I spent most of my four years in the heart of downtown.

After graduation, my mornings went from spending an hour heading south towards The Loop, to driving about 10 minutes north to Skokie to work at ForYourParty. My job at FYP is being one of the many Graphic Designers in office. We take orders, get them ready for printing and help people enjoy their very own personalized party accessories. It’s a blast coming in, talking to some great gals and working on my daily tasks all the while listening to some music. We try to have fun and use any excuse to bring in some snacks (it’s someone’s birthday every day, right?) – never a dull moment at FYP!

How would you describe your design style?


spread from redesign of DePaul’s CDM Graduate booklet

If you know what the International Typographic Style of design is, you know my kind of design: simple and clear. Huge lover of Swiss typography, German typefaces, bold colors and the use of the grid. I also love creating my own visuals for my work from scratch (above is an example of a spread from a project of mine). I try and combine my minimalist tendencies and ample use of white space with colors to create something eye-catching.

What are your current favorite font combinations?

I love Isabella Script and Museo Slab a lot. It’s a great combo of a trendy ‘script’ typeface and a ‘straight forward’ that I will always love. Here’s one example of them being used together on a Cocktail Napkin.

Describe your perfect Saturday.

Netflix and Chill – except not like that. ‘Chill’ in the sense that I’ll be in my pjs, cuddling with my puppy, marathoning a series until my eyes hate me and of course ordering bad/delicious food.

What’s your favorite FYP product?

Custom wedding cocktail napkins

summer themed wedding napkins designs for promotional use on FYP

I’m going to be a little bias here and say that the above is my favorite Cocktail Napkin. I designed them for Summer Weddings and am just so happy with how they turned out! I especially love our coral/light coral colored napkins. Very lovely for summer, especially when paired with a yellow or even a shade of blue.


Where do you get inspiration?

I follow a ton of design blogs, so I guess the online design community gives me inspiration. I’m on Tumblr and on Instagram, learning what’s hip-n-happening! I also like following tattooers on Instagram – they have an interesting way of taking a design/piece of artwork and applying it to a very real medium. A lot of design goes into a tattoo, from the way it’s drawn, the colors chosen, to the place on the body where its placed.

If you were a dog, what breed would you be?


a picture of my puppy, who loves to pose for the camera

I’ll make this question easy for myself and reference that whole “the dog matches the owner” thing that I remember from 101 Dalmatians and say I’d be a Cavapoo – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle mix. It’s a mix of absolute-adorable-face, wanting to have company around all the time (from the Cav) and the smarts of the Poodle! Definitely me.

What’s your favorite travel destination?


a south-eastern view of downtown Tokyo from on top of Tokyo Tower

I really need to go back to Japan. I went there last year and I still have dreams of being there. Everything about the country was fantastic! I even experienced my first earthquake and I still found my trip amazing. On my first day in Japan, I went to Tokyo Tower and looked at the entire city from the top. Easily one of the best experiences. And the food was too delicious!

What’s your favorite Chicago restaurant?

Rub’s Backcountry Smokehouse. The best BBQ place… at least on the Northside of Chicago. I recommend everyone try their Brisket Burger and Custard-Filled Cornbread. And Truffle Mac-N-Cheese.. and their Smoked Potato Chips..Actually just try everything on the menu. Guaranteed to be amazing.

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