DIY Envelopes

If you’re anything like us, you love all things DIY. Which is why we want to show you some clever ways to dress up your envelopes, or even make your own! Since Valentine’s day is coming up, we thought this was especially appropriate. Hope you feel as inspired as we do after seeing all of these fantastic DIYs.

We’ll start out with these super easy DIY envelopes from heart-shaped pieces of paper (perfect for Valentine’s Day)!

heartenvelopesBudget Savvy Diva

Or if you’re looking for an envelope that wows, try this simple, square envelope made from 4 circles. We think it’d add a lot of personality to gift cards or other small gifts.

circleenvelopeFab DIY

If making your own envelope seems too daunting, start small! Martha Stewart shows you how to add colorful trim to any envelopes you may already have lying around with just a few sharpies. How cute are these?


Here’s another adorable take on personalizing your own envelopes–this time with Washi Tape! Use any colors or patterns that match the occasion!

washienvelopesKey Lime Digital Designs

Another great option for those of you wanting to create your own envelopes: printable templates! These adorable polka dot doily inspired envelopes are perfect for adding a feminine touch to any of your letters.


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