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Get Crafty with DIY Graduation Party Favors
Let’s face it, there are a lot of graduation parties. Chances are, your party guests are either coming from or on their way to another party. The food is likely different. The decorations are too. But one of the best ways to really make your party stand out is by sending guests home with these unique—and affordable!—party favors. The greatest part of all: They’re all DIY.

graduation party favors and goodie bag

Personalized Party Bag

Don’t let party guests walk away with a boring brown sack—it just wouldn’t do your party justice! Browse a variety of personalized party bags, tote bags and boxes at Our interactive editor allows you to experiment with a wide range of colors, fonts and designs so that you may build the perfect goodie bag for all of your DIY party favors. If the bag looks great, just wait until you see what’s inside!

individually wrapped cookies for party favor


Take-Home Cookies
For anyone with a killer cookie recipe, this one’s a no-brainer. Being the kitchen whiz that you are, you could probably whip out a couple dozen cookies in under an hour. After they cool, wrap each one individually to send home with party guests. It’s quick. It’s easy. And who the heck doesn’t love cookies!? Click here for folding tips from Martha Stewart. She recommends using tissue paper, although you could certainly go all out with custom wrapping paper! Seal your cookie envelope with a monogram sticker or tie it off with personalized ribbon. We also recommend lining the wrap with wax paper to prevent the butter from bleeding through.
candy filled mason jars for party favorPhoto:

Candy-Filled Mason Jars
Does the graduate have a sweet tooth? Fill mason jars (about $10 for a 12-pack) with his or her favorite candy. For a more personal touch, wrap each jar in personalized ribbon with a congratulatory message.

DIY graduation cap candy pop for grad parties
Graduation Cap Pops
Here’s one graduation cap you won’t want to toss in the air. All you need are Mini M&Ms, Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Chocolate Candy coating, Candy Writer, square chocolate candy mold and 4-inch sucker sticks. Once you gather all of these components, creating these sweet little treats is simple. Hat tip (or cap tip!) to SkipToMyLou for providing these step-by-step Grad Pop instructions.

Tip: Wrap pops in cellophane if you plan on putting them in a gift bag.

The Future is Bright
Surprise your party guests with funky sunglasses (especially appropriate for an outdoor bash) and a personalized message. For starters, try something like “Here’s to a bright future!” or “Our Grad is so bright we need sunglasses!” Go ahead and check out our personalized gift tags and experiment with different shapes, fonts, colors and wording of your own. A quick Google search for “cheap sunglasses” turns up several options at $1 a pair. Who doesn’t need a pair of cheap-o sunglasses in time for some summer fun?

custom koozie graduation gift and grad party favor

Custom Koozies
Here’s another summer necessity—especially for the college crowd! Send guests home with a personalized koozie or stack ’em high near the cooler for immediate use. How cool would it be to see everyone at the party holding a koozie-clad beverage!? ForYourParty’s custom koozies come in round and flat. Our interactive editor allows you to pick the perfect color, font and design for the ultimate can cooler.

graduation straw tag for grad party

Crazy Straws
No matter how many degrees one may hold, nobody is too grown up for crazy straws. You can find packs online for pretty cheap, but don’t stop there. Adorn each straw with a personalized straw tag—think of them as mini party flags! Not feeling quite “crazy” enough? Browse our selection of striped straws.

For even more party favor ideas, visit our graduation party resource section.  And if you found this helpful, check us out on Facebook and Pinterest for endless party inspiration. There you will find the latest fashions, clever party-throwing tricks and brand new products.

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