DIY New Year’s Eve crafts and party hats

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. It’s the last celebration of the season, so make it a memorable one. While you’re out buying supplies for food and libations, pick up some craft material to make party hats and other festive props.

Party hats
Purchase multicolored sheets of shiny paper. Choose whatever hues you like, but gold, silver and black are perfect for New Year’s Eve. There are tons of hat templates that you can download from online resources, but it’s simple to make the topper on your own.

Cone – Take one of the sheets of paper and place it in front of you at an angle. Use a pencil to draw a curved line directly across the paper’s point to make the shape for a cone hat, using staples to secure it in place. Then punch two holes parallel from each other and feed an elastic string through and tie it at each end.

Tiara – Buy plastic headbands for a tiara-like crown. Then all you need to do is cut out a decorative head piece with a rounded base and attach it to the paper with a glue stick.

Top – Craft stores also have plastic top hats. There is no assembly necessary, simply decorate at the base or all around the head topper.

While you’re at the craft store, pick up metallic markers, glitter and letter stencils. Write a New Year’s Eve message on your hats by using a small paintbrush to fill in the stencils. Then cover the finished words with glitter. Or you can use the markers to write the message in a decorative font.

Glitter candles – You can add a sparkly touch to a variety of items. For instance, place tape over a candle in the shape of a number and paint glue on the rest of the exterior, except for the top. Then you can roll the candle in glitter, and remove the tape. Repeat this three more times, writing the year 2013. You can make a bunch of these candles to hand out as gifts during your New Years’ Eve party. Just wrap them in personalized ribbon for an added charm.

Accordion clocks – Turn paper into accordion clocks to symbolize the new year. Simply take paper of your color choice and fold it accordion style. Do so by folding it along the long side an inch wide and flipping it over and repeating this until there is nothing left to fold. Tie two or three sets of accordions together to complete each circle. On a contrasting sheet of paper, draw the outline of hands of a clock and the quarter marks of an hour – “12, 3, 6 and 9” – then glue each one on the clock. Add these nifty decor pieces to your mantel or on a blank wall.

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