DIY Pocket Napkin Fold with Personalized Dinner Napkins


DIY Pocket Napkin fold for silverware, menus or party favors


Want to impress guests with a beautiful tablescape? Get creative with your napkins and make them a part of each setting! This DIY Pocket Napkin Fold will give you an adorable space where you can put silverware, a menu card or other little treat to add to your table. We used our new Heather Linen Like Dinner Napkins, foil stamped to match the dark, rich tones of this fall setting. See below for step-by-step directions. Happy folding!


custom super soft dinner napkins with foil stamped copper design


Start with your beautifully foil stamped dinner napkin. Note that the personalization has been stamped on the bottom left corner of the napkin. This is important! When you’re designing your napkin, be sure to place the artwork here.


personalized dinner napkin disposable and soft


Now completely unfold your napkin. Yes! Take up all that space. Once unfolded, keep the personalized side facing up. Time to refold — napkin pocket, here we come!


personalized dinner napkin DIY fold


Next, fold your napkin in half to make a rectangle. Take the bottom corners and bring them up to match the top corners. Your design should be hidden within the fold.


personalized dinner napkin DIY fold


Time to bring that design back! Fold only the top layer in half, bringing the corners down to meet your middle fold, leaving the bottom layer behind. You should now see the beginnings of the napkin pocket you are creating.


personalized dinner napkin with DIY pocket fold


Now fold the napkin in half to make a square. In order to keep your design on top, lift the napkin slightly and fold under from left to right.


personalized dinner napkin with DIY pocket napkin fold and copper foil stamp


Fold the napkin in half again for your final fold. Again, keep the design on top by lifting the napkin slightly and folding under, this time from right to left. The finished pocket napkin should feature your centered personalized design. Voilà! Now you have the perfect sleeve for silverware, a menu card, a small party favor or floral accent!


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