Finding the right hostess gift

Many know it’s customary to show your appreciation when you’re a guest at a party by bringing a gift for your gracious host or hostess. Of course a nice bottle of wine or a homemade dessert come to mind, but where we really struggle is with the more creative, unconventional gifts. Well we’re here to provide an extensive list of creative gift options for your hostess.

Before you set out to buy anything from a store, trying to find inspiration for a more personalized gift.

Plant – If the hostess spends lots of time in the garden, a natural gift would be a good option. Instead of an ordinary plant, Martha Stewart recommends replanting special arrangements into a wooden sake box. It a simple gift, but this adds a personal touch by replanting it in something you may not be able to find at the store.


Tea – An alternative is giving the hostess a mix of planted herbal tea. Then she will have a seemingly endless supply of her favorite varieties.


Flowers – If you are short on time and are heading out to purchase a bouquet of flowers, go an extra step and have the florist arrange them in a vase. This will free up the hostess to entertain guests, instead of finding an appropriate size holder. A simple glass vase is a fine choice, but anything too stylized may clash with the home’s decor. You could even try a simple, but interestingly shaped vase, like this glass cube vase floral arrangement by Diane James.


For those who are more acquainted with their host, why not gift a few vintage books? They look great sitting out on a coffee table or bookshelf and can inspire the hostess to reread a favorite story.


Food – A baked sweet treat is always an appropriate gift for a hostess right? Not necessarily. While many would love to nosh on something sweet, consider diet and lifestyle choices. If you know your hostess is watching her caloric intake, try baking a low fat or sugar-free dessert. Or you could try a light, airy dessert, like macarons (try these strawberry & cream macarons from Tutti Dolci), which are adorable as well as delicious.


Herbs – Spices and herbs are a trendy gift item, and you can repackage them in fun customized boxes and create your own unique blends with clever names. Use this lovely arrangement from Naturally Ella as inspiration!


It is perfectly fine to gift store-bought items but be sure to include a personalized touch. For example, when giving candles wrap each with a customized label. This also works with mini loafs of pound cakes and banana bread. Additionally, you can design gift sets of personalized napkins and coasters. Just look at how lovely some of our Fuchsia Cocktail Napkins look in our gift boxes.


There are a variety of customizable party favors for your next hostess gift.

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