Football-inspired party planning ideas

Football season is here again, and whether the diehard fan in your life played in college or is gearing up for their first peewee game, you can throw him or her the ultimate football-themed birthday party.

There is a variety of routes to take when planning your decorations. Is there a particular team the guest of honor loves? If so, incorporate the franchise’s color scheme in everything from the table dressing to the cupcake frosting. In instances when that isn’t the case, opt for a simple green and brown theme.

For an added layer of authenticity, pick up fake turf from a home supply store to decorate your entire house. Place it on tables, fireplace mantels and window sills.

If the weather isn’t too harsh, why not have everyone play a friendly game of touch football? Let the birthday boy or girl play whatever position they like, and anyone sitting out of the game can act as a cheerleader or hold signs celebrating their favorite player. The game will allow everyone to work up an appetite for any snacks you prepared.

Personalized treats
Add a personalized touch to desserts and drinks with customized drink straw tags and stir sticks. Design the wooden sticks to say encouraging sports messages like “go team.” You could do the same on the straws or write the names or numbers of popular NFL teams and players.

Party bags
These days all types of parties big or small should give out goodie bags. It says a special thank you to guests for coming to the event and bringing a gift. Customize cellophane bags with the name of the birthday person and pack in football-shaped cookies.

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