Sari was interviewed for an article in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and we love how it turned out!

In “Celebrate just like the Girls,” Sari suggests ways to use Charlotte, Samantha, Carrie and Miranda as creative influences for your own party ideas and style…”Parties and ‘Sex and the City’ go hand in hand,” she said. 
Using the products that we made for our fictional characters, Sari described how each girl’s style could make for a fun party with your girlfriends.
For Charlotte:”Think something more lady-like and refined, like a tea with finger sandwiches and scones – but serve some cocktails as well. It should be something you could envision on a sunny day in her apartment in the city,” said Sari.
For Samantha: “Maybe you play a sex trivia game or a truth or dare game,” she said. But, “you don’t want to go over the top. You could obviously set some guidelines ahead of time.”
For Carrie:”You have to wear a really fabulous outfit,” said Sari. “It’d be fun to have everyone wear their favorite shoes and carry their favorite bags.” And, of course, don’t forget the floral accessories!
For Miranda, because she’s a mother, don’t think that it has to be adults only: “The kids could be invited, too, but maybe they have a separate room to play in while the girls are talking!”
Sari’s endless party ideas keep us on our toes. 
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