ForYourParty’s favorite font combinations

There are so many fonts you can choose from for your wedding. Some typefaces have extremely ornate curves, while others are are simple and streamlined. ForYourParty has a few words of advice on their favorite font combos for wedding napkins.






Favorite combos:
A popular pairing for wedding napkins is a block and script font. The block typefaces often have a uniform thickness around each letter and square corners. It’s extremely legible and works great for headings. So choose block fonts to display your wedding date or location. Additionally, it can be used for an inspirational quote. On the other hand, script fonts are very decorative and mimic cursive handwriting.

Here are a few popular script and font combos, in that order: You can pair Bickham Script with Mrs. Eaves Petite Caps or Honey and Bebas. Additionally, Edwardian Script looks great with Eaves Roman Lining and Feel Script is a popular pairing with Neutra.

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Bonus tips:
Stay simple – It’s great to choose a range of fonts to showcase your personality on your wedding napkins. However, it is possible to go overboard. ForYourParty recommends sticking to two to three fonts maximum. If you select five fonts, for example, your napkin will be hard to read. When in doubt, keep it simple.

Create a consistent theme – It’s best to have a consistent font theme throughout your wedding stationery. So if you pair the Honey script with the Bebas block font on your napkins, use them for your save-the-date cards and wedding invitations as well.

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