Green used to mean envy; now it means to take responsibility for our environment because contrary to popular belief, the world is not at our disposal.  No, as a country we are learning with the help of amazing “Go Green” campaigns that inspire us to leave our world as we found it. Signs in the city of Chicago read “Those who see the light turn it off” and businesses that offer green products are sprouting like tulips across the country.  Even Starbucks, the fuel that drives most of us here at ForYourParty, has patented an insulated sleeve made of 60% recycled material (in addition to the actual cup, which is also recycled material).  
The ForYourParty staff is a well-traveled bunch.  Sari recently went to the Bahamas with her husband to visit her brother, who, with his entire family, is traveling the world on a sailboat. She came back inspired by the beautiful ocean and the natural state of her sea-faring kin. Rachel and Erin have also been abroad to see what the world has to offer in Rome, Mexico, Argentina and Africa.  In Rachel’s words, “I want my kids and the next generations to see what I’ve been able to.”  This world is boundless and if we don’t do something soon, she says, the beauty will dissipate.
Thus, we evolve.  We will soon be launching an entire Green Line – including recycled products with bio-degradable compositions.  The grass is always greener for a reason, and that reason is because it’s healthier, more responsible and a respectful way to treat our earth.  All things green are important to us and to our customers and our green side – not the envious or jealous side – will soon be among the ranks of other environmentally friendly businesses.
COMING SOON!  These eco-friendly napkins will soon be customizable
 through ForYourParty so that you can have your party guilt-free! 
 Also coming soon:!!!
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