Garage Sales abound!

Besides the smell of grills and the screams of children echoing as they squirt water at one another my favorite sign of summer is the hand made garage sale sign.

Garage sales represent something different for everyone; they can mean, deals upon deals, getting to know your neighborhood, spending time with friends while you hunt for treasure or having a relaxing weekend out doors. No matter why you garage sale there can been some uninvited opinions about them here are the top 5 misconceptions of garage sales explained:

1. Stuff at garage sales has all been used. It’s true that much of the stuff for sale at garage sales has been used, but it’s generally in good condition. There’s also a lot of stuff that is brand-new. My last garage sale visit was filled with in box items such as a DVD player, video games and an unopened blender!

2. Stuff is dirty. This is silly. Stuff at garage sales isn’t dirty. Sellers want you to buy their stuff; they’re not going to put out things caked with grime.

3. I can get what I want online (via eBay). This isn’t always true. And on-line items involve longer waits, shipping charges, and the potential for bidding wars.

4. It’s too time-consuming. In a matter of an hour or two on a summer afternoon, you can hit ten or twelve garage sales. You probably won’t find anything you want at most of these, but every so often you’ll stumble across the perfect bargain. Garage-saling takes as much or as little time as you want to spend on it.

5. I’m no good at negotiating. Neither is the seller, probably. It cannot hurt to try.

Garage sale myths provided by: PR Leap
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