Garden-Spa Baby Sprinkle

When my sister-in-law had her first baby, we threw a gigantic shower—catered food, centerpieces, and a lot of guests. After all, the baby was the future, first grandchild of our big family. With her second bundle of joy on the way, Ayesha pleaded with me to do something smaller, if anything at all. I kept it intimate and special, but of course had to bust out my crafting and personalizing skills for some things. My fellow co-hosts and I wanted to do something very chill and relaxing. I also knew I wanted to have the party outdoors while this Chicago weather was still lovely! I decided the best way to pamper mama-to-be would be with a low-key spa in the garden.



We threw down a bunch of comfy throws, rugs, and pillows to create a cozy, boho-chic setting. Ayesha walked outside and was really surprised to see this oasis we all got to bask in. I had a group of tight-knit girlfriends over and we all chilled out under the sun with face masks, kicked back and relaxed while celebrating our dear friend’s new journey.



Decor included a lot of neutral, relaxing colors—white, blues, beige and light greens. For that “calming spa” feeling I had floating flowers in water, candles and a lot of wooden accents like crates for food display, and bamboo plates and silverware. For a subtle pop of color I added For Your Party personalized cocktail napkins in mint green with shiny green tea foil. I wanted to keep the colors pretty neutral and soothing but the shiny foil helped add a little sparkle. They were the perfect size and accompaniment to our infused water bar! Watermelon mint, cucumber basil and lemon-lime were flavors that guests could choose from. We also had lavender infused hot towels conveniently waiting in a crock pot for our guests to take upon arrival so they could start relaxing as soon as they walked in!



The partially cloudy weather with a light breeze was so lovely, we spent all of our time lounging and talking. Ayesha is not a fan of baby shower games, so a sweet activity I had instead was for friends and family to leave secret little notes/best wishes for her to read later. I wanted these to be a lasting keepsake, so I had shiny green tea foil stamped onto natural kraft recipe cards with space below for friends to write on. These 4X6 cards fit perfectly into a little box I wrote baby’s name on. This creative way to use the recipe cards was a big hit, and mama-to-be loved that she was able to take it home.



We stuffed ourselves with pasta, quiche and tapenade, and made our own lotions by adding chosen scents and glitter. The girls got to take the lotions home in little pouches we put together with french soaps to accompany them. The pouches were tied together and personalized with Shiny gold foil stamped petal tags saying “Thanks for being spa-ctacular! It was a great keepsake for everyone to take home that they will actually use later!



I knew the day was a success when friends lingered into the late afternoon, and no one wanted to leave. The personalized, FYP items were a great way to enhance the decor and make a more casual get-together a little more memorable! The minute after we cleaned up outside, it started to rain. Ayesha and I took this as a lucky sign, and she said she had not felt this relaxed since she got pregnant—goal accomplished! We cannot wait to meet baby boy Syed #2!


xo, Hira
FYP Graphic Designer
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