Get the Gatsby look with personalized reception decor

The Roaring Twenties represent all that is opulent, lavish and glamorous in life, so it’s only natural that “The Great Gatsby” inspires brides to embrace the unabashed sophistication of Jay Gatsby and the ethereal elegance of the lovely Daisy Buchanan.

If you’re planning your Gatsby-inspired nuptials, complete with the groom in a classic tux and the bride in a celestial, flapper-style dress and a pearl and feather-laden headband, you’re on the right track! Here are a few tips for getting your Gatsby-esque reception just right:

Color palette
Black, white and gold are the colors of effortless class, reminiscent of the gilded style of the Jazz Age. Start with black and white for a classic, black-tie affair, but add heavy touches of muted gold (nothing too bright) to get the high-end Gatsby look. Completely customize your table numbers with high-quality paper and angular art deco numerals, and foil stamp custom place cards with an elegant, art nouveau font. If you want to add a little more color to each table, frame a whimsical art nouveau print for each table or label each table with a character, place or theme from The Great Gatsby.

The cake
The cake is another element you can completely customize for your roaring twenties-themed fete. Either choose an art deco-inspired geometric cake with floral or faux-pearl touches or go with an extravagant cake that appears to be covered in gold leaf. The key is too not get too airy – choose something bold and leave the soft touches for the flowers!

The favors
Personalized matches are a perfect favor to stay true to the roaring twenties vibe, when smoking was pervasive and a sign of class. Completely customize your matchbooks and use a font similar to what you used on the table numbers

If you need inspiration, watch the film and ask yourself, “What would Gatsby do?”. Then check out our customized products to host the perfect Great Gatsby-inspired wedding.

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