Go vintage with your guestbook with these creative ideas

A guestbook signed by all of your wedding attendees is a great way to remember your special day and all the people who celebrated with you. One fun twist is to ask your well-wishers to also write their best piece of advice for marital bliss. But think outside the book and take some inspiration from the olden days. Here are some guestbook ideas with a vintage twist that will add a fun element to any wedding:

Vintage postcards
Using vintage postcards from around the world is a cute way for travel lovers or a couple who met internationally to showcase something meaningful to them. You can search antique stores and various websites for unused vintage postcards. Have guests write a note on the back and then place them in a vintage suitcase opened on the table. After the wedding, you can hang the postcards as garland in your home to add a quaint, worldly touch to any room, or just put them in clear pockets in a scrapbook so you can flip through occasionally to remember your special day.

It’s likely that you and your spouse-to-be have never typed on a typewriter, or have vague memories of doing so. But if you can find a vintage typewriter that works, an awesome guestbook idea is to have guests type you a note on one of these fabulous old typewriters. We recommend finding one online – they sell for anywhere between $80 and $400. Set up your guestbook table – or even a vintage desk – with a chair and instructions for your guests to type their well wishes on cute custom note cards. In the end, you can bind the cards into a cute book or display them another creative way.

Something else many younger guests won’t remember is Polaroids. Aside from their brief resurgence in the early 2000s, Polaroids have mostly been completely replaced by “cooler” digital options like Instagram. But go old-school and make a guestbook with this vintage photo option. Have guests take photos of themselves or each other with a Polaroid camera, and when each photo has finished developing, guests can use photo mounts to add their Polaroid to a page in your blank guestbook and then write a note next to it. You can incorporate this idea with your photo​ booth to make it extra awesome.

You can also send guests home with a polaroid photo of themselves as part of their favor in personalized gift bags.

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