Harness the fresh and fun air of Key West with these wedding ideas

Even if you can’t have your wedding on the romantic grounds at the fabled Hemingway Home in Key West, you can have a Key West-inspired wedding that even Hemingway would be proud of. Here are some tips for hosting nuptials that harness the half-nautical, half-tropical flair that makes Key West so romantic:

The palette
Be inspired by the Hemingway Home’s iconic shutters and choose shades of green for your wedding palette. We like a palette of emerald and jade, with cream or gold touches like this beautiful wedding with a vintage feel or this slightly more classic look. Have bridesmaids dresses be all one color, or let them choose shades of coordinating rich emeralds and jades and carry a simple bouquet of cream-colored flowers, like long-stemmed calla lilies.

The perfect reception elements
To achieve a perfect balance of nautical bliss and tropical paradise, decorate your table with ferns and other broad-leaf tropical greenery, like this pretty but simple emerald and jade tablescape from Martha Stewart Weddings. This takes care of the tropical element quite nicely, and you can use your coordinating table numbers and personalized wedding napkins to harness a nautical feel with an anchor or majestic sailboat graphic and elegant script.

The reception bar
It seems this should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway – you can’t have a Key West-themed reception without mojitos, the fresh mint and lime drink made famous by Hemingway (it also matches nicely with your palette). Make freshly muddled mojitos your signature drink. Serve them up with custom coasters and sophisticated stir sticks.

No matter the location, your wedding will be classic, as fun as Key West, and unique in true Hemingway style.

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