Holiday entertaining in a small space

If it’s your turn to host the holiday party and you live in a small apartment or house, you may be worried about being able to fit everyone in your home. Never fear – all it takes is a bit of creativity to seat all of your family members comfortably in your home this holiday season.

Guest list
Work out the details to arrange furniture so you can seat all your guests for dinner, but know your limits. Maybe this isn’t the year to invite second and third cousins over. Take a mental count of how much seating space you have. Then invite guests over according to the room you have.

Invitations – Surprise guests with printed customized invitations. They might be expecting the party details to appear in their email inboxes, but instead go the extra mile and create personalized invites. Include a funny or traditional holiday message. But no matter what you write on the card, guests will know a fun and creative celebration is to come.

It’s interesting how constraints of many kinds – space in this case – can fuel creativity. If you don’t have a large enough room to seat your guests, just split them up. Arrange smaller tables of various sizes in the kitchen, living room and dining room. If that layout doesn’t work for you, sit some people¬†on the sofa. When you get together with friends and family to share a meal and enjoy the good times, no one is going to be fretting about where they sit.

Other layout tips – If you have enough surface area but need more chairs, add some mix-and-matched seats. You can take the mashup even further and customize different types of personalized place cards and split them up around the room.

Food stations
If you are serving the meal buffet-style, set up food stations. You can include protein-based dishes on one counter with a customized menu of what is being offered. Do the same with your side dishes. Some people might not be familiar with a dish in front of them, and if you include a personalized menu with each food listing its ingredients, guests will know what is being served. The beauty of this set up lies in the different stations. It allows people to pick and choose their favorite dishes but not all huddle in one space.

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