Host a classic children’s book-themed baby shower

A book-themed baby shower is a precious way to celebrate a new baby. If the momma- and daddy-to-be already have the necessities to welcome baby, help them build up baby’s library by asking each guest to bring their favorite children’s book as a gift.

To get in the literary spirit, design the shower around children’s classics. Here are some of our favorite themes based on classics written in the 1940s and 50s:

Get inspiration from this elegant Mindy Weiss-designed Eloise baby shower and host an afternoon luncheon for the momma-to-be. The black, pink and white palette is chic and pretty, reflecting the illustrations in the 1950s children’s classic. Use pink peonies, roses or chrysanthemums as centerpieces.

Pat the Bunny
This book was first published in 1940, and babies and parents have loved it since then. A Pat the Bunny theme, with its soft baby pink and powder blue palette, is a great option for any baby, and an especially sweet idea if the parents have chosen to be surprised by the baby’s gender.

Curious George
George the monkey and the man in the yellow hat are also perennial children’s favorites. The palette for a Curious George Shower will be a bit louder than those above, with the primary colors being yellow, red and blue. Or, soften it up with pastel yellow, green and brown.

Charlotte’s Web
Cute baby farm animals to celebrate the impending arrival of a cute baby – what’s not to love? There are lots of ways to incorporate Charlotte’s Web with pretty pastels. Just don’t include the spider on any of your decor (sorry, Charlotte).

Goodnight Moon
We think Goodnight Moon is just the sweetest. Use primary colors as your palette, or pull out different elements from the pictures to focus on: the bunny in blue and white-striped pajamas, the vintage gold frames on the walls, the striped circus-like curtains.

Each of these books has stood the test of time, charming children throughout the years, so make sure to also charm your guests throughout your party with personalized products. Make custom napkins to match your palette, and fancy personalized menus if you’re hosting a sit-down luncheon. We think the cutest favors for your guests to take home are decorated sugar cookies or cupcakes to match your theme, like these cute Goodnight Moon sugar cookies. Put them in customized cellophane bags and tie them with personalized ribbon for a perfect shower treat.

Check out our other party decor that you can customize for a perfect storybook baby shower.

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